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Now THIS is Camo

In an event that could quite possibly be the largest single gathering of camo-clad people in one place, the best camouflage pattern and clothing surprisingly wasn’t found inside the NWTF Convention exhibit hall. It was walking around among the shops and restaurants in the atrium of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

Leafladybest_2Tall, thin, leafy and still somehow quite nice to look at, this young woman kept the crowd agog as she slinked along the walkways doing her best impression of the Jolly Green Giant’s long lost daughter.

Call me twisted, but I couldn’t help but think how fun it would be to climb into that get up, hide among the many plants in the atrium by the bar and scare the devil out of unsuspecting tourists wandering by and admiring the well-manicured shrubbery. It’s for sure the leafy outfit would fool an old longbeard’s eyes if you were to wear it in the woods. It might even fool a songbird looking to build a nest!