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Pregnant Woman Shoots Giant Indiana Buck

April_9_06 I’d like to know what they put in the H2o out in Indiana last fall. I’ve already reported on two ’05 monsters: Jack Keihn’s 234″ DeCatur Co. shotgun non-typical, and the mysterious Morgan Co. 200-inch typical (see the Zone’s Big-Buck Tales category if you missed those posts).

Now check out Sherri Mueller’s Posey Co. titan, which gross-scored right at 200″ typical and netted about 179″. The story goes that Sherri was 7 months pregnant at the time she dropped the big dude.

My observations: The Mueller Buck is one of the coolest typicals shot not only in IN but anywhere in North America last season…check out the incredible girth of the right beam between the G-2 and G-4 tines–that’s world-class mass my friend, it doesn’t get any better than that…note how the rack’s right side is neat and clean, while the left is pocked with burrs and stickers…this is very common…when a buck matures to 6 years plus, he’s likely to put on junk (inches of deductions) that cost him new state or even world-class typical status…but who cares, that’s one hell of a buck.

My top observation: Sherri looks great for 7 months with child! Way to go, girl. Thanks to Zone field reporter and big-buck nut Dean Weimer for turning me on to these IN giants. If you’d like to become a Zone reporter for the upcoming 2006 season (I’m looking for stringers in every state and province) shoot me an email.