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Indiana Man Drops Monster with a 20-gauge

March_26_06 Just before 8:00 a.m. last November 22, Jack Keihn looked up and saw a monster coming. The buck dropped off a food plot on top of a ridge, traveled down a logging road and dipped into a ravine, his nose to the ground in search of a hot doe. The rut was winding down, and the old boy was looking for one last fling.

The buck ambled close to Jack’s big “hut” stand, and he fired his 20-gauge shotgun. The slug hit high and the deer bounded off. Jack got down and started tracking. He found the buck and finished it off with a second slug. He walked up to the giant with the gnarled rack and about fell over when it sunk in what he had just shot.

By all accounts, Jack, pictured here with son Jake, is a humble and likeable fellow who isn’t comfortable with the celebrity that has come with shooting this monster. (Jack and Jake are also obviously AC/DC fans–cool!) He considers himself a down to earth guy who went out and got crazy lucky one day. Jack has been offered big money for the rack, but he says it’s not for sale.

The skinny on the Keihn buck: 23 points; 6×5 typical frame grosses 206 1/8”; subtract 11 3/8 ” of deductions and the rack nets 194 6/8”; add 39 4/8″ of non-typical growth for a total score of 234 2/8″. The titan ranks as the number 3 non-typical ever killed with a shotgun in Indiana.

Score aside, that has got to be the nastiest, coolest rack of 2005. Way to go Jack!