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Steep Angles Made Easy

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Here’s how to hitthose tough, downward targets from your tree stand

HEAD A common mistake is to “get over your peep.” This is the result of not bending at the waist. By bending properly you keep your head directly behind the peep and maintain proper shot geometry.

UPPER BODY The position of your torso is critical. Keep your upper body on the same plane as your bow and match the angle by bending at the waist. This is known as “following the bow.”

BOW CLEARANCE Always check to make sure your bow, limbs and arrow will clear the stand and any foliage. There is no worse feeling than having a limb hit the tree stand during the shot.

FEET The proper stance for tree-stand shots is much tighter than for shots from the ground. The tree-stand platform offers little room to spread out. Practice shooting from a closed stance that’s a bit narrower than your tree-stand platform.


BEFORE TEST YOUR HARNESS Steep, downward shots require a bit more slack in your harness tether. Once you strap into your stand, practice drawing for a steep angle to make sure you’re not bound up.

DURING ANCHOR PROPERLY A three-point anchor ensures better shot geometry. To achieve it, put the string on your nose and the kisser button in the corner of your mouth and sight straight through the peep sight.

AFTER FOLLOW THROUGH Don’t let the bow drop after releasing the arrow, or your shot will hit low. A proper follow through prevents this. Don’t move the bow until the arrow has reached the target.