These Spurs Are Made For Mounting

We put gobbler spurs on the wall, hung with empty shotgun hulls, beards and tail fans.

We string spurs up and wear them as hat bands, emblematic of our passion.

We wear them around our necks.

We hang them from rearview mirror supports.

Doing so extends the turkey hunt that put them in our hands.

I’ve been fooling with spurs, beards and fans from my 2010 turkey seasons around the country; spring and fall.

The spurs pictured here were first worn by my California central coast longbeard, tagged back in early April.

It’s a reflective time on this cold December day, full of anticipation for spring 2011, news of ongoing late fall hunts around the country, and thinking back on the past year.

I’m doing that today, as you can see in this short video, shot in my Maine cabin. Any thoughts on my request?