Although the WetFire Fire Starting Tinder is not a new product, I am often surprised by the number of folks who have never heard of it, or at least never tried it.

Quite frankly, I love these things. The WetFire product is very lightweight; easy to ignite; and it is long lasting in both burn time and storage life. Each cube weighs just .16 ounces, and is capable of burning up to ten minutes at temperatures around 1300 F. They work in wet and windy conditions with ease. They even float and keep burning while floating in water.

I’ve been bringing these little waxy cubes out for show and tell during survival classes for several years, and have always received impressive results in the field — regardless of the weather. In my most recent tests, a cube burned for 9 ½ minutes on a very damp day — which is twice the burn time of the homemade alternative (Vaseline soaked cotton balls). The flame was also much taller than the petroleum jelly on a cotton ball. Several spikes from the WetFire cube were 9 or 10 inches tall, which is twice the height of a greasy cotton ball.

You can even chip off part of a cube to assist with fire starting, and then save the rest for later. A few shavings or chips of this tinder can greatly assist in the lighting of camp stoves and stubborn grills too. Just make sure you use up the product within a few months of opening the package, as the trade secret material of the cubes seem to lose some flammability after being exposed to the air for a few months.

A package of 8 cubes retails somewhere around $8.

Please let us know how the Wetfire cubes have handled for you, by leaving us a comment below.