Survival Skills: How to Make Improvised Snowshoes

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Walking through deep snow is tough work that will drain you of crucial energy. These snowshoes will help you glide across—not plow through—the snow’s surface.

Step One
Start by cutting two pine boughs with ample foliage to about 3 feet (1 m) long.

Step Two
Tie a string near the base of the branch, where you cut it. Then flip the branch over and tie an overhand knot on the opposite side.

Step Three
Place the branch so that its top (the side that faces upward when the branch is on the tree) is face down in the snow, with the foliage bending upward. Step on it, tie the string to your shoe, and thread the line through the shoelace eyelets.

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Step Four
Once you’re strapped in, walk normally across the snow. Your boot will naturally come up from the branch about 30 degrees when you walk, which will keep you from sinking into the snow.