A whitetail doe was freed from this fenceline.
This image was taken from the body cam of the Green Bay officer. Green Bay Police Department / Youtube

On May 30, two Green Bay, Wisconsin, police officers were dispatched to a fence line along a highway in Brown County after it was reported that a young whitetail doe was stuck in the chain-link fencing, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette.

When officers Dustin Herlache and Miranda Walvort arrived on the scene, they found a female whitetail deer laying on the ground with its back left leg caught in the top of a fence that paralleled Highway 57. The deer, which had likely tried to jump the fence, hopped up on its three free legs as the two officers approached. Herlache tried to put the deer at ease as the officers drew closer to the entrapped whitetail.

“Hey sweetie,” he can be heard saying in the video posted to the GBPD Youtube channel, which was taken from his body cam. “It’s alright, it’s okay. We’re here to help.”

Herlache used a pair of bolt cutters to snip the fencing and free the deer while Walvort looked on from several feet away. It took a few different cuts in the chain-link to release the doe. After the final snip, the deer’s hoof comes free momentarily and then is stuck again in a lower portion of the fence. A few seconds later, the hoof slips out and the deer is completely free.

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The deer was visibly shaking and can be heard whining as Herlache cuts the fencing. The young doe had presumably been stuck for quite some time. Its leg was likely asleep after being stuck in that position for so long and the deer laid on the ground—not ready to bound away—as the two officers walked back to their patrol cars.