The Best Camping Slippers of 2023

Kick around these slippers on your next camping trip
The Best Camping Slippers of 2022

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If you’ve ever been super thankful for camping slippers, I bet it was after a long day outdoors of traversing over rocks, roots, and logs. But if you haven’t invested in some yet, after all day hikes, trips to refill the water supply, gathering firewood, and whatever else your camping trip contains, do your feet a favor, and get yourself a pair of the best camping slippers to help you wind down around the campfire.

Things to Consider Before Buying Camping Slippers 

At the start and end of every camping day, your feet deserve relief. Not your cold, damp hiking shoes that are hard enough to put on before you’ve had a cup of camp coffee. Your feet deserve warm, comfortable slippers that you can step right into and focus on brewing a fresh pot or heating up one of the best camping meals. And the best ones offer insulation, comfort, and convenience whether you’re winding down after an all-day hike around the fire or just getting it going before everyone wakes up. While they might not seem like a crucial piece of gear, camping slippers can be the unsung hero your feet never knew they needed. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a pair. 

Camping Style

Camping comes in many shapes and sizes. From glamping and dry camping to backcountry campsites, there’s a wide spectrum of camping styles. Thankfully, there are camping slippers that suit a wide variety of campers and camping sites. The cozy moccasin slippers you don at your RV won’t make it into your backcountry pack like a pair of down booties.


This should be the number one consideration when choosing camping slippers. From their plush cushioning to their arch support, your camping slippers should cradle your feet so you can enjoy the outdoors without thinking. 


Unlike typical indoor slippers that are thin and flimsy, camping slippers usually have a sturdy sole to protect your feet from rocks, sand, and roots. They should feel comfortable inside and dependable outside.


Camping slippers should have traction on the bottom to grip a variety of surfaces and prevent you from slipping at camp. Some slippers will have a thin grip while others will have thicker tread. It’s also important to weigh out traction versus weight. 


Whether you are camping in the summer, fall, winter, or spring, at times conditions can get wet, cold, and nasty. If you’re camping in variable weather or regions that are prone to wet conditions, opt for a pair of camping slippers that have water proofing capabilities.


This might not be a consideration if you’re car or dry camping, but if you’re counting ounces, this might be your determining factor. For those counting, there are plenty of options for down booties that will easily pack down. 

Best Overall: Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel 

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Key Features

  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Compression-Resistant PrimaLoft Aerogel Inserts
  • Ankle-cinch top
  • Anti-slip soles 

Why It Made the Cut 

These lightweight, super warm down booties were the most comfortable slippers in my test, and you can wear them almost anywhere.


  • Incredibly warm
  • AeroGel Inserts add comfort
  • Durable and breathable exterior repels wind and water
  • Cinches down nicely


  • Pricey
  • Not waterproof 

Product Description 

Outdoor Research really hit the mark with these camping slippers. I thought they were easy to slip into right away and adjust with cinch tops on the front. Their high ankle design offers protection from the elements and keeps them snug on your feet. They have a nice warmth-to-weight ratio, great traction, and feature Aerogel Inserts on the bottoms for maximum comfort.

Outdoor Research Camping Slippers
Out of all the tested slippers, the Tundra Aerogels provided the most comfort, breathability, and water resistance. Theo Harris

I tested these foot pillows in rainy and cold weather for a few days and they stayed dry and warm for the most part. They shed water, but they’re not waterproof, so I wouldn’t rely on them for seriously wet conditions. They also were thick enough that I didn’t feel the gravel or sticks underfoot like cheaper options. I found them extremely comfortable for kicking around the campsite, refilling water, and even at night in the sleeping bag. And they’ve earned the top spot of my go-to camping slippers.

Best for Cold Weather: Sierra Designs Down Booties

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Key Features

  • 800 Fill DriDown™
  • 100% Recycled Polyester Taffeta
  • Tricot Liner 
  • Cinch cord cuff 
  • PE foam midsole

Why It Made the Cut 

From the instant you put these camping slippers on, your feet will heat up and feel snug and toasty. And they were by far the warmest pair in my test.


  • Super warm
  • Keeps out wind
  • Silicone bottom sole grip provides excellent traction 
  • PFC-free Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating keeps feet dry 
  • Polyester microfleece lining is soft against the skin 


  • Some might prefer front cinch cord 

Product Description 

Cold feet have plagued me for years. I don’t know if I have poor circulation or sensitive toes, but whenever I go camping in colder temps, my feet always seem to stay cold. This year, I finally feel prepared with these Sierra Designs Down Booties. I wore these slippers in 40-degree weather for multiple days and felt plenty of warmth. They have a super soft fleece lining that makes them easy to wear and thick Dridown insulation that is very toasty. 

Sierra Designs Camping Slippers
The Sierra Designs Down Booties provided the most warmth out of all the slippers in my test. Theo Harris

On top of that, every aspect of their design is thoughtful. The down is plush but easy to roll up and pack. Their roomy fit is naturally comfortable, but the cinch cord allows you to create a snug fit. And the sole grip on the bottom felt stable and secure when I walked over rocks and sticks. Out of other camping slippers I tested, these seemed to bring a level of warmth and comfort my cold feet could appreciate

Best Traction:  North Face Thermoball Traction V Mule

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Key Features

  • Collapsible heel with elastic side panels
  • Oso fleece collar lining
  • Non-PFC durable water-repellent finish 
  • ThermoBall Eco insulation
  • Weight: 8.1 ounces

Why It Made the Cut 

These water repellent slippers are easy to slip on and stay grounded with a high-traction rubber outsole for mildly rugged terrain. 


  • Excellent traction
  • Warm
  • Water repellent exterior
  • Easy on/off


  • Runs small 
  • Zero arch support 

Product Description

These slippers have mule in their name and for good reason. They’re rugged and don’t mind less than ideal terrain. This camping slip-on provided plenty of traction on rocks, logs, and other uneven surfaces and gave solid support underfoot. I found these camping slippers to be extremely easy to slip on with their low-profile design. They felt a little stiffer than other camping slippers but still felt comfortable. 

As for weight, these slippers still felt light even with the thicker rubber outsoles. The outside material seemed to repel water, but because they are not high-ankle slippers, you’re likely to encounter more moisture, especially if you’re camping in areas with thicker vegetation. But if your basecamp has a ton of uneven surfaces or rocky terrain, these are some of the best camping slippers for those conditions.

Best Arch Support: Chaco Revel Slippers 

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Key Features 

  • LUVSEAT EVA footbeds with arch supports
  • Vegan felted uppers with fleece linings
  • Step-down heel construction
  • Recycled Polyester In-Sole 

Why It Made the Cut 

To some campers, arch support is the difference between a long or enjoyable day outdoors, and the Revels provide plenty of support and comfort. 


  • Super comfortable
  • Good traction 
  • Easy on/off
  • Fleece linings help trap heat


  • Runs small

Product Description

Some camping slippers are about comfort, others are about support. The Chaco Revel slippers do a great job providing arch support after a long day, yet they also provide plenty of comfort, so you don’t feel like you’re stepping out of one hiking shoe and into another. These camping slippers have a low profile that makes them easy to slip on and fleece linings that stay toasty. While they aren’t the most water repellent camping slippers in my test, they provide plenty of warmth. If you’re looking for a camping slipper option that feels secure and provides relief for your high arches, the Chaco Revels should be on the top of your list.

Best Budget: EXPED Camp Slipper 

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Key Features 

  • 4mm thick EVA insole
  • Integrated elastic ankle strap
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces (Large)

Why It Made the Cut

These EXPED Camp Slippers provide tons of warmth, comfort, and packability at a budget-friendly price. 


  • Slippers pack down small
  • Fast-drying synthetic insulation stays warm
  • Slip-proof environmentally friendly sole


  • Thin sole
  • Not as warm as other options on this list 

Product Description

The first time I put the EXPED camping slippers on I couldn’t believe how light they were. They basically feel like shoe covers or nursing shoes but with outdoor traction. They have a wide footprint but are easy to fold up and pack down very very small. I found that they are super simple to slip on and walk around in. They are also light enough to wear in the best sleeping bags if you want extra warmth for your feet during the night. 

I tested these for a few days and nights and found that while they aren’t the most fashionable, they are functional. They can be easily worn around the campsite and are a nice relief after a day of hiking. While they don’t repel water the best, they do seem to dry out fairly quickly. Their soles have decent grip but are thinner than the other options in my test, and you can feel larger objects underfoot. They also seem to run a little big, but that’s to be expected since there aren’t specific sizes. However, for the price, these slippers are a great option for those who want a camping slipper for car camping trips or ideal weather conditions.


Q: Which camping slippers are warmest?

The warmest camping slippers in my test are the Sierra Designs Down Booties. With camping slippers, you have a variety of materials to choose from including insulated synthetic, polyester, and down. The warmest camping slippers typically feature a treated down filling (like DriDown) that’s optimized for staying warm even in wet conditions. They will also feature a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating to keep moisture from getting in. 

Q: Do you wear socks with camping slippers?

I recommend wearing camping slippers with socks. Wearing socks will help the slippers to last longer and provide an extra barrier between bacteria and odors. However, wearing the right kind of socks inside your slippers is important. Cotton will absorb moisture, stay damp, and leave your feet cold. I recommend you wear wool socks or a blend of wool and synthetic in your camping slippers, especially in winter, to maximize your feet’s warmth and dryness. 

Q: What should you look for when buying camping slippers? 

When buying camping slippers you should consider where you’ll be camping most of the time. Depending on the conditions and terrain, you’ll want to consider the type of material that will best keep your feet dry and warm at the campsite. If you’re camping somewhere that experiences a lot of rain, you’ll definitely want some with waterproofing capabilities. If you’re car camping and just need something to slip on so you’re not barefoot at camp, there are plenty of budget options that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Q: Are high-ankle or low-profile camping slippers better?

It’s mainly a personal choice whether you choose high-ankle or lower-profile camping slippers. But of course, terrain and weather conditions might factor into this, too.  I personally prefer high-ankle designs as they protect your ankles from itchy ivy, bushes,  sharp branches, and other forest obstacles. High-ankle designs also provide more warmth around your feet. Low-profile designs like the North Face Thermoball and Chaco Revel slippers are super easy to slip on and let your ankles breathe. Consider which factors are most important to your typical campsite before settling on a pair.

Q: When should you wear camping slippers?

You can wear the right kind of camping slippers almost anytime. Whether you are setting up your tent, walking around campground loops, taking your dog to the bathroom, sleeping in a sleeping bag, or even hanging out around the campfire. But they really come in handy after a long day outdoors when you’re ready to unlace your hiking boots and give your feet some relief. If they’re convenient and comfortable enough, you can keep wearing them around the house or anywhere really. Camping slippers are very versatile and that’s what makes them so convenient to wear.


I had the pleasure of testing several camping slippers on my most recent camping trip in Wisconsin. I wore a wide range of slippers around my campsite, at the waterfront, around a fire, in my sleeping bag, and even hiking on trails. I evaluated their comfort, warmth, traction, breathability, and whether or not they could stand up to moisture. I had the privilege to put many slipper materials to the test to see how well their soles performed on dirt, rock, sand, downed logs, and other obstacles you’ll encounter while camping. 

Final Thoughts 

The best camping slippers should combine comfort, traction, warmth, and stability for your feet camping trip after camping trip. Decide what factors best fit your specific camping style and needs, so you–and your feet–are covered for your next outdoor adventure.