Prime Day: Archery, Fishing, and Duck Decoy Patent Prints

These patent prints of bows, duck decoys, and firearms are on sale

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We found something cool to hang on your wall that’s not going to break the bank. They’re patent prints of outdoor inventions like the compound bow, duck decoy, fishing lures, and guns.

Patent Prints on Sale

Get this four pack of archery patent prints for $15 (stock is running low)

Or this four pack of duck decoy patent prints for $15

Or this four pack of fishing net, lure, and reel prints for $15

Add an 8×10 frame and you’ll be ready to hang your new prints.

Other Cool Patent Prints

These prints aren’t on sale, but are still pretty affordable and really cool.

This four pack of patent prints includes the M1 Garand, Browning automatic shotgun, and Winchester’s breech loading rifle.

Winchester lever gun patent print