Child’s Play

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a big day for deer hunting across the country. For 13-year-old Daniel Wagner of Hudson, Wisconsin it was huge. Down to their last day of hunting of the season, Daniel and his dad decided to hunt a spot they had hunted earlier in the week. It was where the youngster had passed up shooting several does for a chance at a buck. His wait was rewarded when a nice 10-pointer came toward them at around 4:30. The youngster stopped the buck with a bleat and then dropped him in his tracks. The buck dressed at 180 pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Sadie Roy just turned 10 last October and was bound and determined to shoot a buck during the 2007 Missouri youth season. With just 40 minutes of shooting light left, she spotted this buck and promptly dropped it with her .243. But that's not the end of the story… Outdoor Life Online Editor
…while Sadie and her dad were snapping photos, older sister, Breilly, who was hunting the other side of the family farm with her Grandpa White, took this nice seven-pointer! Way to go girls! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Okay, now it's the boys' turn. First, Hunter Sheppard, 11, clobbered a fine four-point buck on opening day of the West Virginia buck season. He took the deer at 140 yards with a .223. Although the deer-hunting "veteran" had taken several does in earlier years, this was his first buck… Outdoor Life Online Editor
…just three days later, seven-year-old brother, Parker, took this dandy seven-pointer at 125 yards. Both deer were killed on the family's farm. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Brothers and sisters might not always get along, but Nathan and Karri Hobaica certainly seem to be thrilled in this photo- and who can blame them after scoring on two gorgeous Colorado muleys. Nathan, 12, toppled his nice 4×4 at 264 yards while big sis, Karri, downed her fifth deer ever at more than 200 yards. Good work guys! Outdoor Life Online Editor
There are good days in the deer woods. There are great days in the deer woods. And there are off-the-hook days in the deer woods. Welcome 12-year-old Chet Zapzalka. After being shut out the first two weekends of deer season, the Zapalka clan headed north toward Blackduck, Minnesota. About 45 minutes into the first morning, Chet dropped a six-pointer near a field edge with his .243. After dressing and hanging the deer, he and his dad headed back out. After three hours on stand, Chet downed a doe with a borrowed 20-gauge shotgun. Because party hunting is perfectly legal in Minnesota, Chet was not yet done. With yet another borrowed gun, he took a seven-pointer later that day! Not bad, kid! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Want giant bucks? Kids can take those too. Dylan Kosienski, 8, was hunting an Erie County, Pennsylvania field edge last November with his dad, Rich, and had high hopes of collecting his first buck. It was a foggy and rainy morning when he saw the buck of his short lifetime. At 200 yards, a giant stepped out of the fog. Dylan showed the patience of a dyed-in-wool veteran and dropped the 12-pointer with one shot from his 7mm.08. The monster dressed at 172 pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Cody Pratt is a fighter. Despite a painful bone joint condition in his foot, the 13 year old took to the woods last fall and hammered this dandy 10 point which quickly made its way to the taxidermist. Cody underwent corrective surgery in early March to ease his pain, and if we were to bet, he'll be in the deer woods this year for sure. Outdoor Life Online Editor
After getting a trail camera photo of a nice buck a week before the Wisconsin opener, 14-year-old Aaron Horack was pretty pumped about getting into the woods and he certainly had the hot stand to hunt. After his sister took a 10-pointer from the same stand, it was Aaron's and he made it pay off. His big 14-pointer sported an 18.5-inch inside spread. Great buck! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kasota, Minnesota 15-year-old Aaron Olmanson is one patient deer hunter. After enduring three seasons of close calls, the youngster would not be denied last November when he shotgunned this fine split brow-tined eight-pointer. Outdoor Life Online Editor
It was a cold Saturday on an Iowa hayfield during the 2007 youth season when 15-year-old Ethan Dean, with the help of his hunting buddy, spotted this great buck feeding on clover under his treestand. The buck well within shooting range, but wouldn't step out to where he could take a shot for more than 20 minutes. When he finally did, Ethan made his shot count. The main-frame eight-pointer had numerous sticker points which adds tons of character to this fine whitetail. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Well, whoever said kids these days would rather play video games than go out hunting, haven’t met some of our most passionate readers! Check out these photos of some of the deer-huntingest youngsters you’ve ever seen in your life.