Two Bulls Get Locked Up

These photos have been making the viral rounds. The DNR reportedly responded to a call that two bull elk were locked up. (Click "next" for more) Outdoor Life Online Editor

One was dead but the other was still alive. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The bulls were allegedly in a field about 15 miles Northeast of Monticello, Utah. Outdoor Life Online Editor
When they got there they found the two bulls had locked antlers. Outdoor Life Online Editor
They were going to tranquilize the bull, but did not have enough to do the job. Outdoor Life Online Editor
They sawed the one point off the dead bulls right antler and then had to saw the main beam off the left antler to get the other bull free. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The whale tail was over the bulls eyes, lodged between the eye guards. When they cut it free the bull stood there for awhile catching its breath with the piece of the antler still entwined. Outdoor Life Online Editor
When it took off the piece of antler came out… Outdoor Life Online Editor

It doesn’t happen everyday, but when it does…you remember it.