Outdoor Life Classic Photos Part 2

Up close and personal with Mr. Grizzly. This image by Michael DeYoung gets you right where you would never want to be: in the maw of an angry- and hungry- 2,000-pound man-eater. Outdoor Life Online Editor

This eerie shot by photographer Bill Lindner and featured in our June/July 2004 issue depicts just how crazy a person would have to be to go "noodlin." Outdoor Life Online Editor
How cool is this? A 1-bore Magnum, the work of British shotgun maker Alan Myers, blasting into the night sky, shown here in our March 2001 issue. Outdoor Life Online Editor
An image so idyllic, so majestic, we decided to run it sideways, so we could get in the whole shot and not have to cut anything out. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This is one of those shots that makes us wonder: Is the photographer okay? A view most people will never (we hope) get to see- a herd of elephants stampeding directly at them. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Just an amazing shot; unsettlingly beautiful and strange. Makes you wonder if the guy is casting for zombie-fish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Rick and Robin Furmanek decided to visit Yellowstone National Park on their 25th anniversary, and as a result won the 2007 OL Readers' Photo Contest with this incredible shot of two bulls fighting in the heat of mating season. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This exciting shot by Paul T. Brown in our August 2000 issue catches two elk that look to be exploding into each other. A staff favorite. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A recent offering- our August 2008 Snap Shots opener- captures "The World's Best Angler" just at the moment that he grips his meal. A real beaut. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Our Editor-In-Chief is particularly fond of this shot, which introduces viewers to a Wyoming Absoraka ram, in all its glory. Outdoor Life Online Editor
One of our most requested photos: This shot was taken by Utah outfitter Kurt Hutchings after his hounds cornered a mountain lion they had been pursuing near Smith Mesa. To avoid a deadly standoff, Hutchins shot the big cat shortly after this was taken. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Our November 2006 issue featured this opening spread in an article about days spent alone in a frozen stand. The image, taken in Saskatchewan's Prince Albert National Forest, conveys the isolation and the bitter cold that sometimes goes hand in hand with successful deer hunting. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Featured in the opener to November 2006 Snap Shots, this electrified grizzly was found by a bike-riding child in Anchorage's Kincaid Park. Mistaking a power cable for a snack, the 600-pound grizzly required a small crane to remove him from the park. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Photographer Paolo Marchesi portrays the Martian-like landscape of eastern Montana for a November 2007 feature on hunting muleys in this unique part of the country. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Another staff favorite: Photographer Andrew Kaufman captures the character of some of the world's greatest riflemen as they compete in Super Shoot for our December/January 2005 issue. Outdoor Life Online Editor

To say that images of the outdoors and the creatures that inhabit our forests, mountains and waterways are beautiful, often dramatic and worthy of our attention would be unnecessary- Outdoor Life has known that for 110 years. Since our very first issue, we have endeavored to bring the grandeur of the great outdoors into the pages of our magazine. Here are some of our staff’s favorite images from the past 10 years.