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Must-Have Ice Fishing Shelter Accessories

ice fishing accessories

A few add-ons to your ice fishing shelter can be a welcome addition. David A. Brown

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Barb Carey doesn’t mind spending a lot of time on the ice. As the founder of Wisconsin Women Fish fishing club, she’s used to reciting lessons and giving that eye-opening hands-on instruction new anglers need.

But when Carey parks in her own portable shelter, she appreciates the comfort and efficiency afforded by a handful of add-ons.


Using a ventilated rubber mat like those used in restaurant kitchens, minimizes the fatigue of resting your feet on a hard, cold surface.

“It doesn’t hold water and if you drop a hook, it doesn’t stick to the mat,” Carey notes.


With one end resting on the shelter’s forward frame and the other propped on a fold-out leg, this handy item is like the console organizer in your vehicle.


About the size of a pickle jar lid, the metal containers are available at auto supply stores. Carey said she likes the convenience of tackle maintenance and lure selection.

“The magnet holds my lures so they don’t bounce out,” she says. “I can take a look and see what I’ve used, so when I decide to use something different, I know what I’ve already tried.”


From keeping in touch with other anglers to navigational assistance, keeping mobile phones charged is essential. Carey gets her on-site power from a charger with a mounting bracket and DC plug outlet.

“A lot of times, I’ll make a track when I come out; later in the day, if it’s foggy or snowing, I’ll be sure to follow that track back,” Cary said. “If my phone is dead, I’m not going to be able to do that.”