10 Wacky NASCAR Trophies

Samsung 500, A Pair of Boots The trophy for winning this Ft. Worth race makes sense since cowboy boots are popular in Texas. But that doesn't necessarily mean you want a pair of them sitting on your mantle. Cory Jones

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Bass Pro Shops 500, Big Animal Sculptures Giving someone a trophy this big and heavy is kind of like giving someone a fancy toilet as a gift. They don't need it, they have nowhere to put it, but they're going to have to drag it around with them for the rest of their lives. Cory Jones
Goody's Cool Orange 500/Subway 500, Grandfather Clock This prize seems more fitting for the winner of the Shuffleboard 500, rather than the winner of a grueling, life-threatening race between the world's toughest men. Cory Jones
Memphis Motorsports Park, Elvis Trophy NASCAR drivers can skip the Graceland tour while they're in Memphis and bring home their own little version of the King himself. This souvenir is way better than the Elvis Mug your grandmother bought you. Cory Jones
Pep Boys 500, Pep Boys Trophy Those Pep Boys heads look a little too creepy. No one would fault a driver for throwing a race and coming in second just to make sure those three guys weren't constantly staring at them from their trophy case. Cory Jones
The Dover 400, The Monster Trophy You'd think after 400 miles of bumping and drafting, you might be able to win something that looks a little better than The Thing from the Fantastic Four. Cory Jones
UAW Dodge 400, Wrestling Belt There's no word on whether The Undertaker or John Cena have challenged the UAW winner to a steel-cage match for their belt. If you see Carl Edwards get body slammed or hit with a chair, you'll know who to blame. Cory Jones
LifeLock 400, Weird Sculpture Is it a bird? Is it a can opener? What is it? Cory Jones
Chevy Rock-n-Roll 400, A Guitar How many trophies have you seen that are covered in flames and can play "Stairway to Heaven"? The only answer to that question is: "Not enough." Cory Jones
Infineon Raceway, The Champion's Cabernet This race does take place near Napa's wine country, but celebrating an exhausting NASCAR event with a glass of fine wine seems a little out of place. Shouldn't the winner chug a Budweiser, no matter where he is, and call it a day? Cory Jones

In the offseason, NASCAR drivers are avid hunters who are known to bag a few trophy bucks. But when they win a race, sometimes they get to take home a prize that just doesn’t seem to fit in a standard trophy case. Here are the ten oddest trophies in the NASCAR world.