The Uglyfish

Not even a mother could like this face! The lumpfish is found on both sides of the North Atlantic. And some folks actually eat these nasty looking buggers.

Part eel, part fish–and part wolf–the wolf fish are often caught by cod fishermen off the Northeast coast.
Sometimes called ghost sharks or rat fish, chimaeras are actually members of the shark family and are usually caught by trawlers in the North Atlantic.
The jellyfish-like blobfish inhabits deep water off Australia.
Not a great deal is known about cookie-cutter sharks outside of the fact that they can inflict painful bites with a ferocious mouth full of teeth.
The fangtooth grows only to six inches long, but sports the biggest teeth of any fish that swims.
Nope, this isn't a prop accident. The mola mola, or ocean sunfish, looks more like half a fish.
The oarfish is found worldwide in more temperate climates and is believed to be the longest fish in the world.
The South American payara or vampire fish is aptly named and provides great sport for anglers.
The midshipman or toadfish grunts to protect its spawning area and to attract other toadfish.
Rattails are not only ugly, but stink as well. They are bottom feeders and can be found in the deepest ocean depths (if you really want to find one).
The Austrailian stonefish is perhaps the most poisonous fish in the world.
The African tigerfish may look like a striper, but sports a vastly different maw.
This beauty uses an illuminated antenna-like 'horn' to lure its prey to within striking distance. It, too, lives in the deepest depths of the ocean–thankfully.

GROSS PHOTO ALERT: Ugly? These fish are just plain disgusting.