Eelpout Festival

Style came in all colors at Eelpout Festival in Leech Lake Minnesota.
These anglers went skunked on eelpout, but they did manage to land one perch.
This tournament is about more than just fishing.
Meet the beauties and the Eelpout beast.
This festivalgoer's hat was imported from Europe. The women however, were from Minnesota.
These three Eelpout veterans set up on prime Leech Lake real estate.
Serious Eelpouters know that beads, beards and beer are a must.
The Eelpout Festival brings thousands of people every year.
With the encouragement of onlookers, these festivalgoers took a dip.
Festival officials knew how to keep the crowd warm.
Clothes, for the most part, are optional.
Two lucky Minnesotans meet members of the bikini ice fishing team.
At least the guy with the orange hat is going to keep his ears warm.
Anglers from across the country brought ice houses, vans and campers to Leech Lake.
The eelpout is perhaps one of Minnesota's ugliest fish species.
So that's what an eelpout looks like, eh?
The notorious eelpout on display here at the weigh in station.
A helicopter at an ice fishing festival? Why not?
This engineer built a jigging system out of a hockey stick, a fishing reel, and a battery. However, the rig did not help him catch any fish.
This angler was the only one from his group to catch an eelpout. He was also the only one in his group to wear a pink necklace.
These fellas wanted to get a better view of the lake.
While it is unknown if this festivalgoer caught any fish, it is almost guaranteed that was able to catch a healthy dose of frostbite.
Meet the queens of Eelpout.
Hitchhiking is a favorite pastime at Eelpout.
It's just not ice fishing without a barbecue.
The ice fishing bikini team put on several shows at Eelpout festival.
The bikini team is made up of models who like to ice fish.
Ice fishing bibs never looked better.
This is perhaps the best looking fishing team ever assembled.
There was plenty to smile about at Eelpout.
Ice fishing got a whole lot hotter.
These ladies travel to ice fishing tournaments all around Minnesota.
Pink fishing poles sales tripled in sales only hours after the bikini ice fishing team's show.
Everyone loves a girl who can fish.
Say hello to the hottest angler from North Dakota.
Who needs a power auger anyway?
No one at Eelpout complained about drilling their own ice fishing holes.
The bikini team perfected the art of using an ice auger.
Having groomed hair is a must for ice fishing.
Never go out on the ice without a buddy.
Red was the hot color at Eelpout.
Fishing and bikinis? The perfect combination.
Thank you ice fishing gods, thank you.
You gotta love a girl in camo.
The sunsets on the Eelpout festival.
This was the biggest, and ugliest, fish caught at Eelpout.