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New Guns: 7 Hot New Shotguns and Innovations for 2013

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New shotguns sometimes take the backseat to rifles at SHOT Show. But, it would be a mistake overlook the quiet advancements made every year by shotgun makers. In this gallery, we take a look at 7 new guns and innovations that were unveiled at SHOT. From slick new target guns to recoil reducers on your old duck buster, all were meant to make your shotgunning a little bit better (or at least a little cheaper).
Beretta 692
Beretta's 692 target gun is the successor of the esteemed 682 and fits into a price point well below the top-line DT11. Like the DT11, the 692 features a lengthened forcing cone (14 inches). The forcing cone is the section of the barrel in front of the the chamber that tapers down in diameter to the bore. The lengthened forcing cone can reduce felt recoil and create tighter shot patterns. The gun is available in trap and sporting models and will retail for about $4,500 which is actually a pretty sweet deal for a high-performance competition shotgun. One shooter on the Beretta team told us that while he loves the DT11, (which retails for $9,000) he'll probably make the 692 his go-to gun.
See video: Beretta 692 ** Specs
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 2 (3 inch)
Barrel length: 28, 30, 32 inches
Overall length: 35.5 inches
Overall weight: 7.7 pounds Trap
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 2 (2 3/4 inch)
Barrel length: 30, 32 inches
Overall Length:
Overall weight: 7.8 pounds
Chiappa Triple Barrel
Don't write these guns off as a gimmicky just yet. Chiappa's unique offering for 2013 is a pair of triple-barrel shotguns: the Triple Crown and Triple Threat. The Triple Threat features 18.5-inch barrels and is designed for home defense. The Triple Crown is the sporting version with 28-inch barrels. The gun has no barrel selectors but fires in a clockwise order starting with the lower right barrel. It will retail for about $1,629. See Video: Chiappa Triple Barrel Specs
Triple Threat (pictured)
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 3
Barrel length: 28 inches
Overall length: 45 inches
Overall weight: 8.7 pounds Triple Threat
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 3
Barrel length: 18.5
Overall length: 35.5 inches
Overall weight: 8 pounds
Remington Versa Max Sportsman
Building on the success of the Versa Max, the revolutionary auto-loader unveiled in 2010, Remington is introducing a stripped-down version of the shotgun for 2013, dubbed the Versa Max Sportsman. The Sportsman will feature the same gas-porting technology that earned the original Versa Max so many fans and plaudits, as well as the same action, the same hammer-forged barrel, and the same SuperCell recoil pad. What the Sportsman will lack that the original possessed are the adjustable stock, overmolded grips, length-of-pull kit, and hard carrying case. The Hi-Viz sight has been replaced by an ivory front bead and steel mid bead, and the Sportsman will come with just one choke tube, whereas its predecessor came with a set of five. If you're willing to sacrifice all these features, your reward is a price that's about $375 lower than that of the original Versa Max ($1,025 vs. $1,399). See Video: Remington Versa Max Sportsman Specs
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 3+1 (2¾ & 3 inch), 2+1 (3½ inch)
Barrel length: 22, 26, or 28 inches
Overall length: 43 15/16, 47 15/16, or 49 15/16 inches
Overall weight: 7.4, 7.5, or 7.7 pounds
Franchi Affinity Sporting
You may remember that the Franchi Affinity won the Editor's Choice award in the shotgun division of our 2012 Gun Test. As Shooting Editor John B. Snow wrote at the time, "The Affinity has the magically elusive feel gunmakers always hope for when introducing a new shotgun. Its balance and handling are so lively that it springs to your shoulder with the speed and determination of a ruffed grouse exploding from cover." Enter the Affinity Sporting model, new for 2013. Like the original Affinity, this is a 12-gauge inertia-driven semi-auto, but instead of a camo cloaking, it features a brushed nickel anodized receiver and matte black stock and barrel. Its 30-inch barrel sports a stepped, ventilated rib, a red fiber optic front sight, and a set of three extended choke tubes (improved cylinder, modified, and full). Three different recoil pads afford the option of a 14 3/8-, 14¼-, or 15-inch length of pull, and an included shim kit allows for drop and cast adjustments. The MSRP for this new offering is $1,159. See Video: Franchi Affinity Sporting Specs
Gauge: 12
Capacity: 4+1, plugged to 2+1
Barrel length: 30 inches
Overall length: 51¼ inches
Overall weight: 6.8 pounds
Franchi Aspire
This sleek new addition to the field of over/unders features a color-case hardened, round-action receiver that not only trims weight, but lends to the gun's comfortable in-hand feel and attractive lines. Mechanical triggers and a barrel selector integrated into the safety are notable hardware features. The shotgun will be available in 28 gauge or .410 bore, and comes with 28-inch barrels and five chokes (C, IC, M, IM, F). The barrels are interchangeable meaning on the Aspire meaning that one receiver can handle either the 28 gauge or .410 bore. A solid rib between the barrels will prevent the collection of debris. The handsome walnut stock is oil finished to enhance the wood grain and has a Prince of Wales grip. Some might argue that the fiber-optic front sight atop the upland-style 6mm vent rib defies the double's classic look and feel, but that comes down to a matter of taste. This 5.8-pound beauty will run you a little north of $2,000. See Video: Franchi Aspire Specs
Gauge/bore: 28, .410
Barrel length: 28 inches
Overall weight: 5.8 pounds
Beretta A400 Xplor Action 20 Gauge
This is the first shotgun in Beretta's A400 platform to come in 20 gauge. It's designed to be a super light, easy shooting gun that points well, making it ideal for long days in the uplands. Like its big brother, this is a gas-operated semi-auto and is sort of a hybrid between the Xtrema and A391. Beretta says the A400 Xplor is the fastest shooting semi-automatic shotgun in the world. To keep the light gun from bruising shoulders, it's available with Beretta's Kick-Off recoil reducer (which is a shock system built inside of the stock). This gun will be available for about $1,600.
See Video: Beretta A400 Xplor Action 20 Gauge ** Specs
Gauge: 20
Capacity: 3 (3 inch)
Barrel length: 26, 28 inches
Overall weight: 6 pounds 1 ounce
Mossberg Recoil Reduction System
This isn't a look at a new shotgun, but rather a look at how to make an old shotgun gentler. Mossberg is claiming that it's new recoil reduction system will cut down felt recoil by 20 percent. The company partnered with Matthews (yeah the bow makers) to implant a weight suspended in an elastomer unit to interrupt the "recoil wave" as it moves through the stock, according to Mossberg. The system will be available for select 500 and 835 models. Both guns have earned their keep over the years by burning through hard-kicking loads, so expect some hopeful waterfowlers and turkey hunters to be trying the new system. It will add about $50 to the price of each gun. See Video: Mossberg Recoil Reduction System

We take a look at 7 new shotguns and innovations that were unveiled at SHOT Show. From slick new target guns to recoil reducers on your old duck buster, all were meant to make your shotgunning a little bit better (or at least a little cheaper).