Gayne Loves Mexico

Unfortunately this is what most hunters feel they'll encounter in Mexico: a scary-looking cartel member ready to hack them up. The truth is, Mexico is extremely safe and American hunters are very well taken care of. Actually, I'd go so far as to say hunters are spoiled while in Mexico. I know I've been spoiled every time I've hunted there. And I have the trophies, extra pounds, and poor liver to show for it!
Free-ranging, wild, and native for the past 80 years, pheasant can be hunted just across the border from California in Mexicali with much success. Heck, if I can get my limit every day, you know there are a lot of birds flying down there. Because I shoot often. Because I miss often.
This was a sight I saw every few minutes while hunting pheasant in Mexicali.
With fast action, an incredible number of birds, and very liberal limits, dove hunting in Mexico is considered the best North America has to offer.
Black brant hunting in Mexico is one of the best hunts I've ever been a party to. Where else can you hunt waterfowl in warm, tropical sunshine, reach your limit by noon and spend the rest of the day deep-sea fishing and drinking frio cerveza!?
This deer may look small, but he ranks #6 in SCI for brocket deer. Hunting these extremely challenging animals takes place in and around the Yucatan Jungle.
Also found in the Yucatan are black howler monkeys, which threw feces at me during my last visit and…
Spider monkeys, which also threw feces at me during my last hunt in the Yucatan. Do they throw crap at everyone? Or is it just me?
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with hunting in Mexico? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Mexico is hands down the premier destination for mule deer. This monster scored 203 Boone & Crockett.
Mexico has its share of unusual trophies as well. I shot this coatimundi while in the Yucatan a few years back. I've never come across another hunter that's taken one. But then, I don't have many friends, either.
Another reason I love Mexico. Muy frio cerveza!
Multiple species hunts are another draw to Mexico. This amazing spread of dove was taken in the afternoon after a morning in which everyone got his limit of pheasant.
Although maybe not a Muy Grande, Mexican whitetails such as this one lure American hunters south of the border year after year. Or maybe it's the warm climate and welcoming people. Or maybe the affordability of the hunt.
Jungle bird double! This hunter took both an ocellated turkey (on the left) and a great curassow.
In addition to monster mulies like this one, deer hunters in Mexico can also take whitetail, coues, and brocket deer – and a ton of subspecies thereafter.
A nice trio of Goulds turkey. Turkey hunters in Mexico can also try their hands at ocellated and Rio Grande turkeys.
Finding this many trophies in the thick jungle is just one of the things hunting guides in Mexico go out of their way to do for their clients.
Bighorn sheep, cougars and a host of other big and small game are available in Mexico, but I've yet to stay in a camp where they've been taken. Hopefully that day is coming! My thanks to Arturo Malo of <a href=""></a> for his help with this gallery and for hosting me so many times in Mexico.