The Texas Black Fawn

Photographer Richard Buquoi captured photos of this black whitetail fawn in a neighborhood north of Austin, Texas. All the deer pictured here are wild.
The deer is melanistic, which means it's body produces an extra amount of melanin making it's hair turn black or very dark brown.
This is the exact opposite of albinism.
The black fawn's sibling is completely normal.
Albino deer are somewhat common, but melanistic deer are much rarer. Richard has been shooting photos for more than 30 years and this is the first time he's ever seen a melanistic deer.
In central Texas there have been several sightings of black deer, but most hunters around the country have never seen one of these deer in the wild.
The deer appears totally healthy.
So does the black deers sibling.
To see more photos from Richard Buquoi visit his website here.