Trophy Watch

Jeff Edwards, Kansas Bow
This 6×6 was arrowed in Kansas on 11/17/2010 and is reported to officially score 202-1/8 – 187-6/8. Kansas ranks 9th in typical whitetail entries with 167 over the past 10 years. Of these, 25 bucks have scored over 180. For more photos, stories and data visit Boone and Crockett's Trophy Watch®
Bennie J. Rossetto, Mountain Bull
This British Columbia Mountain caribou was taken by Bennie Rossetto while hunting the Kawdt Plateau. The bull scores 394-7/8 and was accepted into the 28th Big Game Awards. Mountain caribou are only found in B.C., the Yukon Territories and the North West Territories.
Peter J. Carlson, BC Stone's
B&C Official Measurer, Peter Carlson took this Muskwa River, B.C. ram that scores 170-6/8 in 2010. The ram has been entered and accepted into the 28th Big Game Awards. The Muskwa region is the third most prolific producer of record-book Stone's sheep in B.C. behind the Prophet River and Cassiar Mountains.
Loren E. Kohnen, Sikanni Ram
Loren Kohnen hunted the Sikanni River region of British Columbia in 2010 to take this Stone's ram officially scored and accepted at 171-6/8 qualifying for the all-time records book (170). Stone's sheep are only found in BC and the Yukon, with 87% of rams making the book coming from BC.
Sean McLean, NWT Bull
This bull is reported to be a potential number one Pope and Young Alaska-Yukon moose taken by Sean McLean while hunting with Stan Stevens, Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters.
Rob Dean, Breaks Ram
This great ram was taken in the Montana Missouri River Breaks. Awaiting the entry, the official B&C score is reported to be 201-2/8.
Rick Duggan, Recurve Tule
Tule elk are one of three specie of elk found in North America, are the smallest in antler size, and only found in California. Rick Duggan hunted Mendocino County in 2010 to arrow this bull officially scored at 308. The minimum entry score for B&C is 270 Awards and 285 all-time – 225 for Pope & Young. At 308, this bull ranks #30 in B&C and is only 1 of 36 to score over 300.
Mark Woller, Wisconsin Trophy
After three days of hunting this great buck stepped out. The buck unofficially weighed 207 pounds and scored 182 6/8 net.
William M. Hanzel, Colorado Tom
This big cat, scoring 14-15/16, was taken in 2006 from Rio Blanco County, Colorado and has been accepted into the 28th Big Game Awards (2010-2012). The state of Colorado ranks third historically for cougar entires. From within the state, Rio Blanco County ranks number one.
Terry R. Chapman, Gila Bull
Gila County, Arizona produced this B&C archery bull for Terry Chapman in 2010. The bull scores 362-4/8 and has been accepted at this score into the 28th Big Game Awards.
Tom Vaida, BC Billy
Tom Vaida treated himself to a backpack mountain goat hunt in British Columbia's Skeena Mountains region for his 60th birthday and came home with this billy that has been officially scored at 48-2/8. Although there are many places in North America that grow goats sporting 10-inch horns, the coastal range goats of British Columbia are known for length and mass.
February Trophies
Guerry Vaughan, Colorado Archery

Guerry took this massive mule deer with his bow this December in eastern Colorado. It is reported to have 44 inches of circumference measurements which helps add up to a green gross score of 189. No doubt that Colorado is home to some spectacular mule deer.
Randy Buchtel, Alberta 170 Buck
Randy was fortunate to harvest this central Alberta buck in mid-November. It is reported to green gross 170-2/8.
Mike Hoppis, Columbian whitetail deer
Here is a very fine specimen of a rare, little-known subspecies of deer, the Columbian white-tailed deer. Mike took this buck in Douglas County, OR with his muzzleloader. This subspecies is currently made up of two isolated populations; one in Douglas County, OR and the other along the Lower Columbia River in OR and WA. The Columbia River population is currently listed as endangered. The Douglas County population has been delisted and there are very limited hunting opportunities available. B&C currently does not keep records for this small subspecies but would consider creating a category if these conditions were met:
1) there are extensive geographical areas where the proposed animals occur
2) the animals occur in good numbers
3) there are suitable boundaries that can be drawn
4) the game department(s) managing the proposed class are in favor of setting up such a new category.
Not an Alberta Bear
These pictures have been going around the internet with a story about the bear being shot near Saddle Hills, Alberta. It is actually a brown bear taken on Afognak Island, AK.
Kyle Hoehn, Indiana Worth the Wait
After 3 years of getting his hunting location and gear figured out, things finally came together for Kyle. After passing on an 8-point during bow season and then a 9-point during gun season he was starting to wonder what was holding up his trigger finger. Then, on a cold, wet morning, the reason stepped out behind a doe. A good 75-yard lung shot from Kyle's muzzleloader put this buck down quickly. Kyle reports his buck to have a 19-inch inside spread and 18 scoreable points totaling up to a green score of 196-6/8.
Chris Wenger, 9X9 Saskatchewan Bull
Chris took this unique (and huge) bull the second day of rifle season near the town of Loon Lake, Saskatchewan. He reports that it has been officially scored at 414-2/8. His bull has some unique non-typical points and his G1's, G2's, and G3's have extraordinary length.
Ron Eller, Alberta Does it Again
Here's another beastly whitetail taken on a -37 C day in central Alberta. Ron's buck is reported to green gross 186-5/8. Alberta remains a top destination for trophy whitetail ranking number 12 in typical entries in the past 10 years with 95.
Trevor Shulist, Alberta 8
Here is how Alberta does an 8-point! In this picture, Trevor is posing with Jeremy Hatala's 2010 buck.
Keith H. Coonce, Sonora Mule Deer
Here's a looker of a buck taken in the Sonora Desert. Keith reports his buck to green gross score 213-7/8 with minimal deductions. Mexico ranks #7 for typical mule deer entries (39) over the past 10 years. Number 1 remains Colorado at 207.
John O'Higgins, Sonora First Coues
This is John's 1st Coues buck, and what a beauty! John took this very symmetrical buck in Sonora, Mexico with a .270 WSM at 275 yards. He's waiting out the 60-day drying period to have his trophy officially scored. In just the past 10 years, Mexico has more than double the number of typical Coues whitetail entries (118) over the next closest state, Arizona (52). New Mexico is 3rd with 8 entries.
Brandon Beitelspacher, South Dakota Archery
Brandon located this big buck in eastern South Dakota. It is reported to score 203-5/8. The state of South Dakota is typically not first off the tongue when talking trophy mule deer, but the state does put its fair share in the book … eight typical and one non-typical in the past 10 years.
Nate Murphy, Knox County Ohio Muzzleloader
Nate's family has instilled in him the hunting ethics of a true fair chase hunter. When in the field, he carries with him the knowledge and skills passed down to him from his relatives. Nate put a perfect 75-yard shot on this buck with his great uncle's muzzleloader. He reports his buck to have a green gross score of 180 inches.
Dave Fuller, Saskatchewan Mulie
UPDATE: Dave's spectacular non-typical buck has been officially accepted at 251-2/8 B&C. This buck is the highest-scoring B&C non-typical from 2010. This tremendous mule deer was reported to have been arrowed in Saskatchewan. After back to back days of stalks with no shot, a couple of work days with no chance to hunt, and a final stalk and 2.5 hour wait, Dave finally got a 28-yard shot and made it count. Unofficial
259-1/8 gross non-typical
Gross typical frame 211-7/8
Net typical frame 207
Net non-typical 254-4/8 Surprisingly, a net 254 would rank #9 for non-typical mule deer from SK. Historically, SK has been producing some of the biggest mule deer anywhere.
Levi Dawes, Idaho Everywhere
UPDATE: 18-year-old northern Idaho resident Levi Dawes had found this buck's sheds years before he found this "ghost" buck in his cross-hairs on Thanksgiving Day. Levi reports the buck has 28 scoreable points and 9-inch bases. We look forward to the official score on this unique Idaho buck. This mass of base points whitetail is reported to have been taken in Idaho. Stay tuned for updates.
Troy Brochu, Alberta Archery UPDATE: Troy's buck has been officially scored at 172-0/8! Troy took this huge Alberta whitetail with his bow in September. It is reported to have an official score of 172 inches and following some paperwork, will take it's rightful place in B&C, P&Y and the Alberta Record books.
Jason Gray, Saskatchewan 200+
Here's a northern monster taken by Jason Gray near Maymont, Saskatchewan. It is reported to have a green gross typical score of 204-3/8.
Brent and Chadd Blanchard, New Mexico Oryx
Brent drew a once-in-a-lifetime New Mexico oryx permit for the White Sands Missile Range this year. He was able to take this unique trophy with his son Chadd at his side. B&C only keeps records for native North American big game, so although Brent's oryx won't find a place in our records book, this does not detract from the quality of Brent's fair chase trophy.
Paul Richardson, Yukon Caribou
Paul took this mountain caribou in September while on a week long fly-in trip out of Whitehorse, YK. Paul had intended on moose hunting, so when this big bull stepped out he was very happy that his host had convinced him to buy a caribou tag as well. His bull was officially scored at 412-7/8.
Connor McClymont, Youth B&C Mule Deer
13-year-old Connor McClymont took this spectacular bleach-nosed buck in Sheridan County, MT. Connor's buck was officially scored at 215-4/8. After his buck is officially accepted, it will be the only non-typical mule deer in B&C records from Sheridan County.
Larry Knight, Northern Utah Cat
Larry was the lucky one in the draw and pulled a mountain lion tag for northern Utah. After 4 days hunting in deep snow he was able to arrow this 174# tom. The cougar's skull is reported to have a green gross score of 15".
Shawn McKeever, Mountain State 171"
Shawn spent 3 seasons hunting this buck out of Morgantown, WV until he finally connected with his bow in late October. It is reported to score 171-2/8. West Virginia currently has 17 typical whitetails in B&C records. If Shawn's buck is accepted at this score, it would rank #6 in B&C typical whitetails from the Mountain State.
Krysaks, Saskatchewan 20
Here's a late rifle season buck from Saskatchewan. The buck sports an 11-inch droptine (1 of 20 scoreable points) and is reported to have a green gross score of 208. In the non-typical whitetail category, SK ranks 10th in total B&C entries (76) over the past 10 years. Number one is Illinois with 268.
Michael L. Borzick, Droptine Idaho Mule Deer
UPDATE: Michael's 11×13 buck has been officially scored at 242-3/8. Michael also reports that he found his buck's sheds from the previous year only 30 yards from where the buck fell. Michael took this 1 in a million mule deer in southwest Idaho. The buck has an 11-inch drop tine on the right and a 5 inch drop tine on the left. Michael's unique buck is reported to have a green gross score of 232-4/8.
Travis Champlin, Kansas Weight
UPDATE: Travis's buck has been officially scored at 206-1/8". Very impressive, especially considering the inside spread is only 12-3/8". B&C currently has a 225-7/8 non-typical buck (taken by Benjamin G. Miller in MN) in the records book with only a 11-6/8" inside spread. The inside spread of Travis's buck would rank him at the 5th smallest inside spread of all B&C non-typical whitetail. Travis Champlin arrowed this narrow, but busy and heavy 19-point non-typical reported to green gross 210-5/8 from a only 13-3/8 wide frame. "Due to palmation and common bases the score may vary pending on scorer's judgment, we intend on having Craig Pierce officially score the buck after the required drying period. We will keep you posted." Andy Pierce
Coleman Anderson, California Blacktail
Eureka resident Coleman Anderson took this awesome blacktail this September with his .270 WSM. His buck is a perfect example of a mature blacktail buck, sporting smaller ears and a narrower frame than it's mule deer relatives. Coleman reports his buck to have a green gross score of 160. We look forward to seeing the official score soon!
This great bull has been flying around the Internet for quite sometime under the heading, New P&Y World's Record, Idaho, and Colorado. Here's the real story. This bull was entered into B&C records on a Colorado elk tag with an entry score of 405-1/8 and has been rejected. The Boone and Crockett Club's records department, with cooperation from a B&C Official Measurer from Colorado and Colorado Division of Wildlife determined that this bull was taken on a game preserve in Idaho in 2010. The same hunter attempted to enter another bull scoring 402-7/8 reported to having come from the same ranch in Colorado in 2009. This bull has also been rejected. The Boone and Crockett Records Program, since its inception in 1906, does not accept or recognize trophies raised for the purpose of shooting on game farms, preserves, or within escape-proof enclosures. No game laws were broken and no charges have been filed. It is not against the law to fraudulently attempt to enter trophies into the records book, just not smart. Dating back to 1830, the state of Colorado has produced only five bulls that score over 400 typical.
Saskatchewan Brute
Here's a looker of a buck reported to have been taken with Saskatchewan outfitters Ron and Mark Schumlick. Also reported to green gross 202.
Lance Rees, Northern Utah
Lance took this 29-inch wide buck during the general rifle season in northern Utah. They guessed the deer's age at 3-4 years old with a green gross score of about 195.
Dion, Dieno 3 Year Saskatchewan Buck
Dion had been hunting this northern buck for three seasons. This November they finally got to put their hands on him and his green gross 184-4/8 inch head gear.
Sam Rhodes, Callahan County Texas
Sam had passed on shooting this buck three years ago but had hoped he would cross paths with him again when he matured. Sam got his wish on December 17th when this great Texas buck came out in broad daylight following a doe. The doe led the buck right to Sam, giving him a 125-yard shot opportunity. If Sam's buck is entered and accepted it will be the first buck from Callahan County Texas in B&C records. Sam reports his county's deer population is doing well so let's hope there are more to come in the future!
Jim Brainard and James Baichtal, 70 Inches Wide
On September 10th longtime friends Jim Brainard and James Baichtal came across this enormous Alaska-Yukon moose. James was able to harvest this monster and found that his antlers stretched the tape to 70" wide. His bull was recently scored by B&C official measurer Glenn Anderson at 224". James also reports that the bull's meat tipped the scales at 800 pounds.
Smith County Mississippi
This buck is reported to have been taken in Smith County, MS and have a green gross score of 191". Mississippi may be more known for quantity of deer over quality, but the state does rank above the middle of the pack for B&C entires over the past 10 years from a total of 50 states or provinces with at least one entry.
Chippewa Falls Record?
Here's the story we have received. This buck was reported to have been taken near Chippewa Falls, WI. It is said to have a 22" inside spread, a spectacular 14" brow tine, and a green gross score of 210. Hopefully some more information on the hunter and her story will turn up.
Jimmy Spataro, Wisconsin Crossbow Trophy
Health issues didn't stop Jimmy from getting himself and his crossbow into his treestand November 15th. He was hunting close to his home in Waukesha County, WI when this typical walked out at 15 yards. With a green gross score of 211, Jimmy's buck is a contender for a top ten spot in B&C typicals from Wisconsin, although it has not yet been officially scored.
Mike Farrally, BC 1st Draw Sheep
Mike drew a British Columbia sheep tag on his first year applying. His ram is reported to score 161-5/8.
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