3 Reasons You Should Start Fires with Fatwood

One stick of fatwood can burn long enough and hot enough to get any fire rolling

firewood sticks
The natural resins in fatwood make it easy to light.Plow & Hearth

Natural fatwood, or lighter knot, is the best all-around fuel source for kindling up a blaze anywhere from the campground to the home hearth. The natural resins light quickly in almost any condition, and a sliver of the stuff will burn long enough to get any fire started. Even resin dust scraped from a piece of fatwood will take a spark and spread to the rest of the stock. Here are a few reasons this all-natural product may be the only fire starter you need for every situation.

Ready Made

Plow and Hearth Fatwood
One crate of fatwood should be enough to light hundreds of fires.Amazon

Not everyone has time to tramp through the woods turning over logs and kicking through rotted stumps to find the resinous, petrified heartwood so useful for fire making. Commercial fatwood is the exact same thing, but neatly packaged in stick form. Used judiciously, a single crate of the stuff is enough to keep you warm and toasty through several seasons.


Ecostix fatwood
There are no chemicals or toxins in fatwood so it’s safe to burn.Amazon

The fuel source in fatwood is simply pine resin that has become concentrated and hardened over time. Unlike chemical or petroleum-based fuels, fatwood is all natural and toxin-free, lending a pleasant aroma to any environment.

Long Lasting

Better Wood fatwood
If properly stored, fatwood has no shelf life.Amazon

Fatwood is old to begin with, so it's not like it will go bad with age. Stored in a cool and dry location, a box of commercial fatwood will last year after year.