Huge yellowfin tuna, dolphin, grouper, redfish, speckled trout and more! Is there any better place to fish than Venice, Louisiana? Hell no!. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Whether you call them bunker or menhaden, you can generally call them great bait. Outdoor Life Online Editor
A simple two-hook rig does the job on bottom fish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
The close-in rigs are home for a plethora of fish species. The first fish onboard is a cobia. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Captain Devlin Rousell hauls our swimming pork chop on board. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Julie Brayton and Devlin Rousell hoist one of the best tasting fish that swims. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kris McGrath through her battle with a huge Warsaw grouper. Outdoor Life Online Editor
About 20 minutes after hooking up, McGrath cowboy’s up with her grouper. Outdoor Life Online Editor
McGrath and Rousell celebrate the spoils of their victory. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Small hook, big fish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Rousell hoists our big Warsaw. Outdoor Life Online Editor
(from left) Paula Iwanski, Kris McGrath and Julie Brayton with some of the day’s catch. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Iwanski adds another species- a white trout- to the fish box. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Greg Finn with a nice bull red taken off a bell buoy on the way back to the dock. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Finn and Iwanski with a pair of bulls. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Julie Brayton with another nice bull red. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Did someone say that the red snapper population is in trouble. Venice anglers will argue the point vehemently. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Crew-member Gavin with our catch of the day. Outdoor Life Online Editor
HOT SPOT AT A GLANCE: Located 75 miles southeast of New Orleans- at the very end of Highway 23- Venice lies at the edge of the fertile Mississippi River Delta. AVAILABLE SPECIES: Redfish (up to 40 pounds) and speckled trout are favorite inshore species while yellowfin, dolphin, wahoo, marlin, snapper and grouper grab headlines offshore. BEST MONTHS: July is primetime for dolphin and yellowfin are targeted year-round. The biggest push of giant redfish occurs in fall, starting in September, peaking in October and running through November. However, fishing for both specks and reds can be remarkably hot all winter. ACCESS: Take a flight to New Orleans, rent a car and drive one-hour due south on Highway 23. LODGING: If offshore action is your game, contact Captain Devlin Roussell at: 504-534-2278 or You won’t be disappointed. For inshore fishing, Ryan Lambert’s Cajun Fishing Adventures lodge is located just north of Venice in Buras, Louisiana. A guided package costs $400 per day and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, fish cleaning and tackle. Lambert’s full-service luxury fly-fishing lodge is also available. Fly-fishing trips are $600 a day. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Huge yellowfin tuna, dolphin, grouper, redfish, speckled trout and more! Is there any better place to fish than Venice, Louisiana? Hell no!