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Soft coolers are lightweight, portable, and easy to store. They provide effective insulation without the same weight or bulk as hard coolers. Soft coolers are designed for easy transport and come with slings or backpack straps for ease of carrying. When you’re not using your new soft cooler, you can compress it so it won’t take up much storage space. Compared to hard coolers, soft coolers typically don’t have as good ice retention or durability, but they can’t be beat for portability. And modern soft coolers are more efficient and designed better than ever.



How big are soft coolers? Soft ice chests do not get as large as hard ice chests, which are better for large gatherings and multi-day trips. Soft ice chests are better for small gatherings and picnics. Soft coolers usually range between 20 and 30 quarts, meaning you can fit 12 to 24 beverage cans in a soft cooler, depending on its size and the amount of ice you need.



Packing your soft cooler correctly is especially important. Extra air inside of any cooler makes your ice melt quickly. Pack your soft cooler as fully as possible to limit extra air, which will extend the cooler’s effectiveness.



One of the biggest benefits of a soft cooler is its storability. You can collapse them for easy storage. Some soft coolers should be folded, while others should be rolled up. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper storage.