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WHEELER ENGINEERING F.A.T. WRENCH The ratchet-slip F.A.T. Wrench easily adjusts from 10 to 70 inch-pounds, with the setting shown in a window in the handle. The wrench comes with an adapter for hex shank bits and includes a small assortment of gunsmithing bits, plus a list of recommended torque settings for different types of gun- and scope-mounting screws. This is a useful tool well under the price of most inch-pound torque wrenches. ($50;

PACHMAYR 10-PIECE SCREWDRIVER SET Pachmayr’s recently introduced 10-piece screwdriver set features easy-to-grip, color-coded handles for quick identification and includes drivers for the torx-type screws now commonly supplied with scope bases and rings. The clear lucite caddy allows quick identification and can be bench- or wall-mounted. ($45;

WHEELER ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL SET This handy kit includes replaceable bits for just about every imaginable application. The bits have quarter-inch hex shanks held magnetically in the two soft-coated handles, and the fitted case has a tray that solves the problem of where to put screws when they’re out of the gun. Smaller sets are also available. ($95;

BROWNELLS MASTER SET WITH BENCH BLOCK This set comes with 20 screwdrivers with hollow ground blades. The semi-short shank lengths are ideal for good control, with each shank being the diameter of the blade so it can be sharpened or reshaped as needed. The oak bench block, which stores the screwdrivers upright for easy access, is extra. (Set, $149; block, $76;

LYMAN MASTER GUNSMITH 277-PIECE SCREW SET Consider this kit, which contains numerous samples of the most common types of screws used on firearms, as cheap insurance, because sooner or later one of your scope-ring screws will roll off your workbench and into the abyss, never to be seen again. ($40;