Babies possess an incredible gift for going from giggling to crying in fractions of a second. And, if you’re in the backcountry or off the grid, the potential for crying is compounded by, well, everything—bugs, the sun, rain, an unfamiliar environment. If you’ve gotten the slightly deranged idea to go camping with a baby, the name of the game is to keep him or her comfortable at all costs, for both their benefit and your sanity. We’ve compiled six items that will aid your efforts, so that your adventure is refreshing and fun, not forever regrettable.

Spare your kid burns and bites. Amazon

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If you want your baby to be absolutely miserable, just neglect to pack sunscreen and bug spray. If, however, you want them—and you by extension—to enjoy their time in the woods and not resent you forever, you’d be wise to invest in some decent sunscreen and bug spray, like this 50-SPF sunblock spray and natural insect repellent combo pack.

A comfortable carrier for covering miles. Amazon

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This top-rated, premium child carrier will keep both you and your rugrat comfortable on long jaunts down the trail, thanks to its comfortable padded straps, easy-to-reach pockets, and sunshade.

Behold, the ultimate utility diaper bag. Amazon

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This clever, three-in-one diaper bag doubles not only as a change table—useful in the backcountry—but also as a portable bassinet, sparing you from having to schlep all three items to camp.

Wraparound sunglasses, with 100 percent UV protection. Amazon

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These shatterproof, wraparound protective shades are clutch for outdoor eye protection.

An easy-to-unfold, sun-blocking shelter. Amazon

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There are fancier and pricier children’s sun and camping shelters on the market, but this well-rated, reasonably priced, 50-UPF sunshade should do the trick in keeping bugs and the sun off your kid. It’ll prove its worth when you need two free hands to clean a trout for dinner or get a firing going.

A high-end stroller for serious hikes. Amazon

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Even the most comfortable and ergonomic kid carriers put extra weight on your back, which can prove exhausting if you’re trying to log serious miles. If your camping area has reasonably smooth trails or walking paths, consider splurging on this high-performance jogging stroller, with a 16-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear wheels for super-smooth riding. Your lumbar will thank you.