MREs and survival food you can buy online

Emergency supplies to fall back on.

food on a tree stump
Food that'll keep.Amazon

You’re not entirely without options if you plan on social distancing yourself in the woods and want to pack some just-in-case grub. We’ve rounded up four solid MRE and survival-food options that you can buy with just a few clicks.

Mountain House Beef Stew

Great for Backpackers

A lightweight, easy-to-prepare feast.Amazon

This 1.6-ounce Mountain House freeze-dried food pouch meal allegedly keeps for 30 years and is simple to make: you pour boiling water into a Mountain House pouch, stir, and let the food stand for 10 minutes before enjoying. Mountain House meals are known for being tasty and flavorful—for freeze-dried food anyway.

Western Frontier MRE 12 Meals

For Big Appetites

This high-calorie option will keep from five to seven years.Amazon

Listen, you don’t buy MREs for the taste, so don’t order a box expecting James Beard Award-winning grub. You buy MREs for the long shelf life and the high calorie count. This box contains classic military-surplus MREs. Each meal is about 1250 calories and will keep for from five to seven years. Western Frontier randomly fills boxes with different meal options from five different cuisine types: Asian, Mexican, Italian, traditional, and vegetarian. If you’re truly hungry, nothing will taste better.

The Survival Tabs 720 Count

For Long Stretches

Each item contains 20 calories. Just pop it and go.Amazon

At 20 calories each, Survival Tabs won’t fill your stomach or curb hunger pains, but they do contain 100 percent of 15 essential vitamins and minerals, to keep your blood sugar up and your mind sharp in emergencies. They also require no prep—just pop a tab in your mouth as needed—and a dozen or two will take up no space in the bottom of your pack. Perhaps best of all, the tabs purportedly have a 25-year shelf life, so you can stash and forget about them until stuff hits the fan.

ReadyWise Freeze-Dried Fruit 120 Servings

Perfect Side Dish

It includes four pouches of bananas, two pouches of peaches, four pouches of strawberries, and five pouches of apples.Amazon

This 120-serving container of freeze-dried fruit from ReadyWise is a perfect complement to other rations you already have stocked. (It’s tough sledding surviving off Mountain House alone, after all.) The 6-pound, 20-year-shelf-life bucket includes four pouches of bananas, two pouches of peaches, four pouches of strawberries, and five pouches of apples. Each pouch contains eight servings worth of food.