Three Reasons You Need a Personal Weather Station

Don’t trust the TV weatherman when you can get customized, technical information from right outside your door

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Sportsmen are weather watchers. We live indoors but we dream outdoors—waiting for the temperature to rise or drop, looking for the next front to pass overhead, anticipating subtle shifts in wind and tide. While it’s true that much of this information can be gleaned from online and mobile sources, none of is is as accurate as having your own home weather station. These professional-grade systems have become so advanced that they can do everything from check the barometric pressure to turn off your lawn sprinklers during a rainstorm or monitor the baby’s room from the other end of the house. Plus, they’re downright cool! Here’s a peek at some of the best performing home weather toys.

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Want to know when the wind will shift in favor of that stand you been waiting to hunt, or the current moon phase? How about the barometric pressure for Tuesday night’s bass tourney? From UV levels to peak wind gusts, these private weather stations will tell you everything you need to know to plan any outdoor activity.

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If you want an uncomplicated yet still hyper-local weather tool that’s as much art-piece as it is appliance, consider a wireless desktop model. The sensor is easily mounted to any vertical surface outside your home, feeding a brilliant layout that ads a techy touch to any interior.

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A solar-powered personal weather station is state-of-the-art for homegrown meteorologists. With nothing to plug-in or recharge, these instruments take advantage of wireless, solar, and mobile technology to put the most current weather data right in the palm of your hand.