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VERO VELLINI HIGH CLIMBING DOUBLE SLING THE SKINNY: This clever carry sling lets you haul around your rifle while keeping both hands free. You wear the sling as you would a backpack, and never have to worry about your rifle slipping off your shoulder. You can use the dual straps as a surprisingly strong shooting aid (one strap for each arm), though it is difficult to get into this shooting position quickly. IDEAL FOR: Hunting steep country or terrain where you need to keep your hands free. ($90; 800-257-7742;

SINCLAIR BIOTHANE SERVICE RIFLE SLING THE SKINNY: This sling is an exact copy of the Model 1907 sling our soldiers took to battle in both World Wars, the only difference being that this version is made of Biothane, not leather. The advantage of Biothane is that it’s nearly indestructible, it won’t stretch or crack, and it’s super-quiet. While it might be cumbersome for carry purposes, there is no better sling for improving your marksmanship. IDEAL FOR: Deliberate shots on big game. ($46; 800-717-8211;

SWIFTACH SHOTGUN SLING THE SKINNY: The universal design of the Swiftach sling makes it easy to attach to any shotgun with a screw-on forend. The contoured shoulder pad reverses for right- or left-shoulder carry in just seconds and is made with a grippy material to keep the shotgun in position on your shoulder. Fastex buckles make for fast installation and removal. IDEAL FOR: Hiking to your duck blind and turkey hunting. ($33.25; 801-562-8712;

GALCO SAFARI CHING SLING THE SKINNY: The beauty of a Ching-style sling is the speed with which you can get into a rock-solid shooting position. By slipping your elbow into the forward section of the sling–which you need to pre-adjust to your dimensions–you can quickly lock into a more stable kneeling, sitting, prone or even off-hand position. On the downside, the strap didn’t stay on the shoulder, particularly when we were wearing a pack. IDEAL FOR: Quick shots on big game. ($72; 800-874-2526;