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Field Test: Quality Rifle and Shotgun Slings from Vero Vellini

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Over the course of the last year, I’ve used different Vero Vellini slings while duck hunting in Canada, tactical hog hunting in East Texas, and spring turkey hunting in my home state of Wisconsin. In that time, and on those hunts, I’ve reached a conclusion: Vero Vellini makes some really fine and very useful slings for the hunter.

Most recently, I attached a Vero Vellini Tactical Black rifle sling, Model #V18022, to an ArmaLite AR-10(T) I used for hog hunting. I did a good deal of walking on that hunt, over East Texas logging trails and up and down some pretty steep hills, and the sling held the rifle comfortably on my shoulder. The Premium Air Cushion support strap keeps the rifle snug without the strap digging into your shoulder, thanks to three-layers of neoprene “sandwiching.”

Some of that hog hunt was done in really thick forests, and the sling performed well even there. Invariably, my rifle butt and pistol grip got hung up on brush or a clinging vine. When this happened, I was glad the sling had a nice give to it, stretching enough to give me some warning so I was able to stop and untangle my ArmaLite. I’ve had other slings that, in similar situations, essentially yanked the rifle from my shoulder, bruising and scratching the side my bicep as the rifle banged its way down the length of my arm.

Vero Vellini makes an assortment of rifle and shotgun slings, from standard widths to extra-wide versions, plus tactical and quick-release models. Materials include leather, premium neoprene, and nylon. The slings come in brown, black, green, and various camouflage patterns. Vero Vellini also makes camera and binocular straps and harnesses. Sling prices vary from $24.99 to $149.99.

Check out the Vero Vellini website for more info on their products.