3 Types of Folding Saws Perfect for Any Task

A folding saw is ideal for trimming lanes in the woods, clearing dead branches, and dozens of other chores you need to tackle on the fly

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A folding saw is one tool that no outdoorsman should be without. Whether you are clearing shooting lanes from a tree stand, processing firewood at camp, or just clearing brush from around the house, a folding saw will handle every cutting task that falls between the capabilities of a pocketknife and a chainsaw. They are compact, portable, and unmatched in whacking through wood up to about 6 inches in diameter. Here are several options to consider when searching for the perfect folding saw.

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On the lighter end of the spectrum, a folding saw of about 8-inches long or less is small enough to pack anywhere you travel, but still musters an amazing amount of cutting power. Look for a brand with replaceable blades, each of which should last for several seasons of hard use before needing to be replaced.

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For tougher chores, sacrifice some portability for power. A quality 10- to 15-inch folding saw is wicked efficient. The secret is in the curved blade, which takes a savage bite out of anything from firewood to construction lumber with every stroke.

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For the ultimate in versatility, look at folding saws with an integrated telescoping handle. This allows the reach necessary to trim distant shrubbery from shooting lanes but offers the convenience of a hand saw for close quarters work up high or on the ground. The key is to find one with a stable pole that won’t wilt under sawing pressure; oval or I-beam construction is a good option.