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Best Shotguns Ever

How do you define the best shotgun or even a great shotgun? We round up the 10 best shotguns ever made in America.

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Best Bargain Pumps

A good old pump shotgun might not impress your skeet shooting buddies, but it will always go bang when you need it to. We rounded up this list of the best pump shotguns for less than $500.

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  • November 4, 2013

    Study Linking Gun Ownership and Racism is Flawed, Most Media Fail to Notice - 0

    A study by Australian and British researchers published in a frequently debunked European "science" journal claims owning a gun makes Americans racist.
    That's disturbing. But what is even more disturbing is this claim was repeated verbatim, without scrutiny, as undisputed "fact" by media more engaged in self-promotion, marketing and the celebration of consumer and celebrity culture than in reporting facts.
    Researchers at Australia’s Monash University and Britain’s Manchester University posted their study in PLOS ONE on Nov. 1. In a nutshell, the study says white Americans who hold anti-black sentiments are more likely to keep a gun at home and oppose gun control regulations.
    It also claims that black Americans who hold anti-white sentiments are more likely to keep a gun at home and oppose gun control regulations. [ Read Full Post ]

  • November 4, 2013

    Bird Hunting: Wingshooting's 7 Deadly Sins - 0

    Photo by Brian Grossenbacher

    Avoid these bad habits to hit more birds.

    1. Losing Focus
    To be a successful shotgunner, you must stay focused on the bird throughout the shot. If your eyes bounce from the bead to the target, you’ll interrupt the swing of the gun and miss. Keep your eyes on the target to keep the gun moving. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 28, 2013

    Oregon School Board Lifts Open Carry Ban for Educators, Continues National Trend - 1

    An Oregon school district board on Oct. 24 overturned a ban imposed in March that prohibited educators and staff from carrying firearms on school grounds. The ban spurred a May recall election that resulted in two pro-ban board members being replaced by two anti-ban candidates.
    The ban violated Oregon law in a region where open carry is the standard. The ban was also an odd exception in a quiet national trend. Despite efforts in the mainstream media to make it sound strange and dangerous, educators across vast swaths of the nation enjoy the unfettered personal option to carry a firearm on school grounds.
    The St. Helens School District, which includes two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and three alternative schools, adopted the measure even though it violated Oregon state law, which allows anybody with a concealed license permit to carry on school grounds. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 25, 2013

    Obamacare Could Pit Provisions to Safeguard Gun Owners' Rights Against 'Executive Order 16' - 4

    The National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America were successful in ensuring the Affordable Care Act prohibits creation of a firearms database and stops doctors from disclosing or collecting information relating to a patient's firearms. However, Obamacare contains "sneaky backdoor" provisions that could jeopardize gun ownership for nearly 550,000 Americans (including veterans arbitrarily diagnosed with PTSD), according to a recent blog.
    Attorney Rachel Alexander writes in an Oct. 21 blog that Senate Amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, Part C -- incorporated into Obamacare in December 2012 -- includes five provisions that protect gun owners. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 17, 2013

    Supreme Court Refuses to 'Hear Shall Issue' Case - 1

    The Supreme Court's refusal to hear the Second Amendment Foundation's constitutional challenge of Maryland's "good and substantial reason" handgun permit requirement is one of several recent defeats derailing legal efforts to make "shall issue" the law of the land.
    The high court on Oct. 15 refused to hear from Raymond Woollard and the Washington state-based SAF, who said Maryland's "may issue" law violates the Second Amendment by restricting it beyond the doorstep.
    The Court's decision is not, necessarily, a surprise. The same Court only six months ago left a similar New York "may issue" law intact and, in August, a federal district court upheld New Jersey’s requirement in Drake v. Filko that people show a “justifiable need” to get a carry permit. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 15, 2013

    California Gun Laws: Lead Ammo Ban Signed, 'Assault Weapons' Bill Vetoed - 0

    The National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of California are among Second Amendment advocacy groups considering legal challenges of several gun control measures signed into law by California Gov. Jerry Brown over a three-day span beginning Oct. 11.
    Brown signed 39 bills over the weekend, including 11 firearms-related laws. Among the 11 is one law that makes California the nation's first state to prohibit the use of all lead ammunition for hunting; another bans the sale of parts and repair kits that can create or convert a magazine to a capacity greater than 10 rounds. [ Read Full Post ]

  • October 8, 2013

    3 Best Light Smoothbore Shotguns for Grouse - 0

    1. Franchi AL 48
    Introduced in 1948, Franchi’s AL 48 is the latest of the Browning-designed long-recoil guns, and is ideal for the grouse hunter who prefers a semi-automatic. The 28-gauge version tips the scales at a light 5.4 pounds, and its slim profile fits nicely in hand. It’s an all-day gun, and the 28-gauge is perfect for close-flushing grouse. With its interchangeable choke tubes, you can adapt the AL 48 to any cover, and the mild recoil makes it a perfect youth gun. (From $899; [ Read Full Post ]