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Big Game

Spirit Bear

From the first time he saw the monster grizzly, Tyler Freel knew that his fate would be intertwined with the boar's. A story of hardship and belief.

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East Oregon Elk

Editor Andrew McKean finally gets an opportunity to hunt Oregon's sage country, and he discovers that it contains a lot more than elk.

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Big Game Articles

Backcountry Optics

Live Hunt host, Aron Snyder, reviews some of the best glass and spotting gear on the...

Tent Test

Live Hunt's Aron Snyder puts Nemo's new Moto 1P through its paces on a midwinter coyote...

Montana Elk

This horseback hunt for elk is like stepping back in time.

Muley Battle

Two muleys battle it out on the Southwest Desert.

Albino Bear

Amazing photos of an albino black bear found in Montana!

DIY Moose Call

Even if you never call in a 60-inch bull, you’ll be able to impress your hunting...

  • February 27, 2014

    Huge Spike Buck Taken in North Carolina - 5

    On Thanksgiving morning last year Dennie Bowman tagged a big buck just after daybreak in northern North Carolina. But Bowman quickly realized the buck wasn’t the 8-point he expected. The whitetail turned out to be a mature spike with a pair of two-foot long tines. Bluff Country Boys Outdoor TV recently posted this photo of Bowman’s bizarre buck, and we caught up with him to hear about the hunt. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 27, 2014

    Bring Your Questions to Michigan Deer & Turkey Expo - 0

    Consider this a formal invitation: Come to Lansing, Michigan next weekend to say hi and ask me any question you have.

    You can ask about Outdoor Life’s history and evolution. You can ask about John Snow’s stinky feet. You can ask about my favorite deer rifle, or my go-to coyote call. Or you can ask me about how an inarticulate Midwestern kid got to be the editor of your favorite outdoors magazine. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 26, 2014

    The Spirit Bear: Monster Interior Grizzly with a Recurve Bow - 6

    Photo courtesy of Tyler Freel

    Anyone who’s come across one knows what Fred Bear meant a half century ago when he said that the thrill of tangling with a grizzly bear cleanses the soul. It’s an experience that relatively few people on this earth will have and that none who do will ever forget.

    When you live and spend a lot of time hunting in Alaska, your odds of eventually having an encounter with a grizzly drift more toward the “guaranteed” end of the spectrum. Some of my most exciting have happened while hunting black bears over bait. I’ve been charged by a sow with cubs and have had bears huff at me from the brush as I walked to my stand. And I had a large boar walk to within 3 feet of my rifle muzzle. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 26, 2014

    Story Behind the Buck: Deer of a Lifetime - 5

    Even though 11-year-old Coe Klauer brought in one of the best bucks to the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo last weekend, a lot of people felt bad for him - or at least they said they did.

    They said they felt sorry for the kid because he had shot his "buck of a lifetime" at age 11. Now, any buck he shoots would likely be smaller (his buck netted 163 2/8). What does he have to hunt for? [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 25, 2014

    Video: Biker Tumbles Down Mountain After Grizzly Bear Charge - 1

    Canadian Brad Paras and his cousin Dan England were mountain biking in Jasper National Park last week when Paras spotted a grizzly and her cub roughly 35 feet from him.

    Paras spewed an "Oh, s--t!" before making a hasty getaway. (More appropriate words have never been muttered.) Unfortunately, his “getaway” took him off the trail by a drop of about 50 feet in elevation that dead-ended into a tree.

    While Paras was dealing with the crash, England got off his bike and got his pepper spray ready. The mother grizz charged England but stopped just shy of the spray’s effective range of 10 meters before heading back into the woods. Paras climbed back up the mountain with the bike in tow to find his cousin watching the bear disappear into the forest. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 25, 2014

    Story Behind the Buck: The Big Illinois 10 Pointer - 0

    I met Jay Ramseier and his son Brad at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo last weekend while they were waiting to check in this beautiful 10-point buck. Jay shot the deer last November but had a heck of a time recovering it. [ Read Full Post ]

  • February 24, 2014

    How to Judge Winter Impact in Your Deer Woods - 3

    A week or so ago we blogged on how some northern states use the Winter Severity Index (WSI) to gauge potential winterkill. Basically, the more snow cover and sub zero temps, the harder it is on the deer. But the WSI covers relatively large geographic areas. What really matters are conditions for the deer herd you hunt; not conditions somewhere else in the state.

    The first thing you need to do is march (or mush) your way out to your deer woods to see what’s going on. If there are no deer around, don’t be overly alarmed. They could simply have shifted areas. In some locations, it’s a simple shift to a hemlock gully or dense conifer stand that has less snow and retains heat better.  It could also be a southern slope with its sun gathering exposures and patches of bare ground.  In some areas, deer travel major distances to wintering areas. It all depends on local conditions. [ Read Full Post ]