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5 New Years Resolutions to Become a Better Survivor

Set exciting and productive survival goals for this year
bow drill ember

A friction-fire ember. Tim MacWelch

Happy New Year! Now that 2017 is finally here, it’s time to make those pesky New Year’s resolutions. I know—most of them don’t end up happening (especially the ones that take a lot of effort). But maybe this is the year to make that extra effort. I’ve got big plans for 2017: to learn new things and accomplish some major projects. And here are five areas of survival that I think we should all get more training in 2017.

1. Be A Better Shooter

Range time is wonderful, but the real world isn’t a static range. Why not take a tactical shooting class? Learn to reload on the move. Learn to shoot from a variety of positions. Learn to shoot when you’re out of breath or racing against the clock. Generally speaking, the more time you spend shooting means that you’ll become a better shot, which is a vital survival skill in self-defense situations. And even if you don’t become a better marksman through this training, at least you’ll have some fun and keep yourself from getting rusty.

2. Pick Up Some Fighting Skills

A martial arts or boxing class can be just the thing to shed those winter pounds and give you some new tricks to protect yourself and those in your care.

3. Build Something New

If building is in your blood, but you haven’t done anything like that before, make this the year you get to work. Learn to build a survival shelter, and then set one up on your bug-out property. Or learn how to notch logs to build a cabin-style smokehouse or shed or deer camp. Pick up the skills to build something new, and then pick up the tools to make it happen.

4. Learn About Food

We eat every day—but do we know how to make our favorite foods from scratch? Become a food-maker this year. Learning to make your own food allows you to take survival into your own hands. Sausage, cheese, bread, and many other foods are fun to make and delicious to eat. Take a class to gain these skills, and amaze you family and friends with your new culinary skills!

5. Get Primitive

Let 2017 be the year you finally start learning the primitive skills you have always dreamed of trying. Learn friction fire building. Tan one of your own deer hides. Set a trap line. Make your own jerky, soap, medicine, arrowheads or bows. Embrace the diversity of our ancestor’s skills and pick a topic to start learning about. Books and videos can get you started, and then when you’re ready, take a hands-on survival class to turn your book knowledge into real world experience.

Have you made your 2017 resolutions yet? Please let us know what you are planning for the New Year by leaving a comment.