8 New Pieces of the Best Predator Hunting Gear

From e-callers to rifles to lights, here's the latest in coyote and predator equipment
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predator hunting gear
Jeff Wilson

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predator hunting gear
Predator hunting is challenging, but having the right gear can put the odds of success in your favor. Jeff Wilson

Predator hunting gear has become more specialized—and better—than ever. We tested all the items on this list, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

1. Spartan PRECISION Equipment Sentinel Tripod • $568

It can set up as a sitting-height bipod, monopod, or standing-height tripod—and it can be adapted for spotting scopes and cameras too. The price is steep, but it is truly a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. —T.F.

2. Savage B22 Magnum F • $299

Sometimes the best predator rifle is the one you have with you. In that vein, I don’t know that a finer truck gun exists. It’s inexpensive and the most accurate .22 WMR I’ve ever used. I was head-shooting squirrels at 70 yards with it. That’s more than good enough for farm-country foxes. —W.B.

3. Dan Thompson Red Desert Howler • $39

Some open-reed calls can be a pain to master, but this one’s easy to use. And it sounds great, with a clean, consistent tone all the way through the howl. —T.F.

4. FoxPro Hammerjack • $300

This is one of the most exciting new e-callers. The Hammerjack features a simplified remote control with an improved range, great sound selection and programmability, and an integral moving decoy. —T.F.

5. Night Eyes FG-6 Gun Light • $140

I clamped this to a crossbow scope last winter in Texas and was able to shoot pigs in the middle of the night with a perfectly clear sight picture. The light is rechargeable, waterproof, and has a rock-solid mounting system. —W.B.

6. Shappell Jet Sled Jr. • $37

No, we aren’t ice fishing, but a handy camo sled can be a huge help when the calling action is hot. Carrying coyotes and gear back to the truck, especially after a double or triple, is not fun. A sled like this helps. —T.F.

7. Browning X-Bolt Predator Hunter A-TACS • $1,069

With a heavy, supressor-ready varmint barrel, this version of the X-Bolt comes in numerous calibers, including .204 Ruger and .223. The X-Bolt’s short-throw action makes for smooth follow-up shots, should you need them. —T.F.

8. Leupold VX5HD 3-15 CDS • $1,430

This version of the VX5HD is an ideal scope for predator calling, with calibrated CDS turrets for the load of your choice. The 3X–15X magnification range allows for quick, close-in shots and a good sight picture for the longer pokes. —T.F.