Outdoor Life Online Editor

The increased water clarity of the Great Lakes caused by zebra mussels has inspired anglers to return to an old method of getting baits deep-leadcore line. By using leadcore, anglers not only keep cables and downrigger weights out of the water but are able to trail their offers farther behind their boats. Expect to pay $10 to $12 for 100 yards of line. Here are three tips for using leadcore line for salmon, lake trout or walleyes.

**1. **Load your various reels with different lengths of leadcore line. That way your presentation will cover more of the water column.

2. Leadcore takes lures down 5 feet per colored 10-yard segment, depending on the lure and trolling speed. For maximum depth, use heavy spoons and troll slowly.

3. Use at least 10 yards of monofilament leader and an additional length of fluorocarbon line at the end of the leadcore in front of your lure. Add a drop of Super Glue to your knot joining the leadcore to the leader. Ball-bearing swivels are best for connecting the fluoro to the mono.