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Sooner or later you will need to change the tires on your ATV or UTV. Choosing good replacements can be a bit confusing, but diligent research of tire reviews and knowing how each tire design affects the ride of your machine is crucial and a good place to start. Here are some simple things to think about when shopping for tires.

1. Weight
The weight of each tire adds to the overall weight of the machine but it goes a bit further than that. Heavier tires will put an additional load on the engine and its components as you ride along the trails. Be sure to choose a tire that can easily be turned by the engine of your machine. Larger displacement engines, such as a 499cc and above, have little trouble pulling most after market tires. But smaller engines will strain to turn more aggressive heavy tread.

2. Size
The overall diameter or size of the tire you can add to an ATV/UTV will be determined by the turning radius and the amount of room under the fenders. Typical tire sizes on utility ATVs or UTVs are in the 24- to 26-inch tall size, and this is on the 12-inch rim. Most machines can usually take a size, maybe two, bigger than the stock tire size without much trouble. Go any bigger and you will need to lift the suspension of the machine. Staying close to the stock tire size means you will not have any trouble with the stock steering geometry or driveline components.

3. Tread Pattern
Only you will know the terrain you ride, so choosing a tread pattern that will be better suited to the conditions is something you have to decide. However, you do need to be sure that your machine will still ride well and handle just as good as the factory tires allowed it to. All terrain tires give you a variety of uses. You wouldn’t want full on mud riding tires on a trail riding machine if you only occasionally get into the deep stuff. When in doubt, go with a tire that is geared for various terrains.