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Outdoor Life presents Clay Coach Online


Outdoor Life has teamed up with Clay Coach Online to bring you a series of instructional vignettes guaranteed to increase your accuracy and success breaking targets!

Each week we’ll be providing you with instructional videos useful for all levels of experience, from the novice to the expert shooter. So keep coming back each week for more instructional videos and let us know how these essential tips are increasing your scores at the range!

About Clay Coach Online:

Clay Coach Online is an on-demand video download service targeted to help you, the Clay Target Shooting Enthusiast, hit more targets and have more fun!

We have created a clay target video coaching library which gives you access to professional Sporting Clays, Skeet, Trap and 5 Stand coaching lessons. These lessons are taught by our team of experts at featured Clay Courses and Clubs from around the country. These lessons could be used in a variety of ways:

• To supplement face-to-face private lessons

• As a way of brushing up on basics

• As a “home study” exercise before going out on the course to shoot

• As a refresher during long periods while you can’t get out on the course

• As an introduction to the new shooter or the person with a desire to learn more before actually trying the sport

• As a shooting aid out on the course: simply download the videos to your iPod or media player and bring them along on your next shoot!

In addition, Clay Coach Online also offers a unique and convenient way for you to receive some basic professional instruction in a cost-effective fashion. We accomplish this through our Online Coaching Video Upload Service. Just send us a video of you shooting some targets and one of our Coaches will then review the clip and send you an e-mail with some suggestions on how to improve your shooting.

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