Hunter Safety Systems introduced the HSS Hybrid earlier this year at the ATA Trade Show.

Combining the best of the full-featured HSS Pro Series vest with the lightweight, streamlined HSS Ultra Lite X-Treme vest, Hunter Safety Systems has created the perfect balance of form and function with the new vest.

Built on the patented lightweight harness system, which provides strength and comfort when seated or standing at full draw, the Hybrid’s upper is streamlined to minimize bulk when worn over hunting clothes.

The Hybrid’s lower portion features six pockets, including two fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets, two security pockets and a pair of quick-access utility pockets. Smart fabrics are used to reduce the Hybrid’s overall weight to only 3 pounds, while remaining durable and quiet at any temperature.

The Hybrid is approved to the standards of Treestand Manufacturers Association. With three simple yet strong buckles to connect, the Hybrid is easy to put on, and there are no dangling straps or confusing weave-throughs. The Hybrid also features a built-in binocular/accessory strap system for convenience on stand.

I think HSS got it right with this vest. I personally like a lighter harness like the HSS Ultra Lite X-Treme, but find they sometimes block access to my jacket pockets. I find myself wearing my lightweight harness underneath my outerwear so I have access to all of my jacket pockets. The downside to this is the tether has to come out of my collar and prevents me from putting my hood on during cold and windy conditions. With the HSS Hybrid vest you get a lightweight vest with pockets that are easy to access.

The HSS Hybrid vest is also lighter than the HSS Pro Series vest keeping the hunter more comfortable during early season hunts when the temperatures are still warm.

Whatever harness you decide to buy, just make sure you wear it in the treestand!