The Difference Between a Drop Point Knife and a Clip Point Knife

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Are you a drop point guy or a clip point guy? Before you answer, make sure you know the differences between the two. Drop point is on the left, clip point is on the right. Here’s a rundown of two different styles.

A drop point is the perfect shape for a knife blade that needs to handle various butchering tasks like cutting, skinning, and carving.

Many hunters prefer the aesthetic value of a more traditional design, which the clip point offers.

The drop point is typically thicker, especially at the tip, compared to a clip point. This makes it a more versatile tool for game-care tasks, like disjointing and prying.

With a concave clip on a relatively short blade, the user can extend the index finger along the back of the blade for a scalpel-style grip. The fingertip can be used as a depth stop.
With the drop point tip plunging down under the blade’s spine line, there is less of a chance of unintentionally puncturing a hide, a gut sack, or anything else you don’t intend to cut.

The upswept tip of a clip blade generally offers more edge area, which allows for long, graceful cuts.

A drop point is a balanced design that is comfortable in various grip configurations. A well-designed drop point blade can offer several index points.

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