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Tips from the Air Force: How to Field Dress a Rabbit Without a Knife

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This image comes from AFR 64-4, the Air Force’s manual on search, rescue and survival training, Volume 1 (July 1985).

The book contains information on everything from shark identification to the psychological aspects of being taken prisoner. It also has a pretty interesting section on trapping and preparing wild game.

The illustration above describes how to field dress a rabbit like an overzealous long snapper. Without a knife it still only takes three easy steps: 1) Grasp tightly with both hands; 2) Squeeze tightly towards the stomach; 3) Squeezing tightly, fling carcass between your legs.

The takeaway? Squeeze your bunny tight! Theoretically, the innards will be flung from the rabbit and you’ll be left with a field-dressed carcass. I’ve seen some creative methods for cleaning and butchering game, but this one is new to me.

Have any of you guys tried this before? Does it work?