Polarized sunglasses and touchscreen electronics: both help fishermen see important details, but for Bassmaster Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle, these are the tools of his trade. Therefore, it’s no surprise that he takes protecting their functionality just as seriously as selecting the right bait.

Simple as it may sound, keeping these glass surfaces clean and free of any obscuring spots is one of the most important steps for being prepared. Just make sure you don’t use any ill-advised cleaning methods.

“I’ve sought out a lot of different ways to clean my glasses and touch screens, and the quickest and easiest on the glass is a microfiber rag that you can pick up at Walmart or (a home improvement store),” Swindle said. “They’re super soft on both sides and you can wash them and bring them back out.

“The key is they’re so soft in texture they’re not going to damage my lenses or my touch screen on my Humminbird, yet with one or two wipes, the water’s completely gone so you don’t have water spots.”

Swindle keeps a bag of microfiber rags in his boat and tow vehicle at all times. For him, it’s as much necessity as convenience.

“It’s like toilet paper–I’m always going to have those rags with me,” Swindle said. “It never fails; you’re going to have those spots on your lenses and spots on your depthfinder.

“If you’re going to buy (expensive tools), the last thing you want to do is grab some cheap paper towel and scratch the screen and be rough on it. To me, care after the purchase is the key for keeping these items working.”