Baltimore Conservative Examiner Al Ritter in his Aug. 22 blog on documents how the Southern Poverty Law Center is, once again, crying wolf to somehow become relevant again. The wolf at the door? Militias, of course.

“Our dear friends of the Southern Poverty Law Center recently concluded another completely bias research and fact finding report on the rise of ‘Un-American Right Wing Extremist Militia Groups;’ and reported that they are growing in alarming numbers,” Ritter writes. “This is the same group that was a major driving force behind the creation and eventual signing of the Brady Bill into law. The Southern poverty law center was very proud of this accomplishment but even they were disappointed with the final draft of the bill. It was too soft and it allowed everyday average law abiding citizens to continue to own handguns and various types of semi-automatic weapons.”

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— Conservative groups dismiss report on ‘Rise of Militias’;