Chiappa Firearms now offers its Rhino revolver in .40 S&W caliber, employing full-moon clips to hold the rimless semi-auto .40 caliber rounds.

Chiappa set the revolver world on its head in 2010 when it introduced the Rhino, which is designed to fire from the bottom chamber of the cylinder, with the barrel positioned much lower than normal to accommodate this inverted firing position. Why do all this? The lowered center of gravity reduces recoil and muzzle flip noticeably, allowing for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

The Rhino .40 holds six rounds, and each new revolver comes with five moon clips. It is available in barrel lengths of 2, 4, 5 and 6 inches. The four-inch model weighs in at 25 ounces. The Rhino’s frame is made from Ergal, a high-strength aluminum alloy, while the cylinder, barrel and internal parts are manufactured from 4140 alloy steel. Blued metal finish and composite rubber or wood stocks.

MSRP’s: 2-inch, $839; 4-inch, $929; 5-inch, $949; 6-inch, $989.