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Franchi Affinity: A Nimble 3-Inch Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun

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The Franchi Affinity brings to mind the patriotic song written after the attack on Pearl Harbor: “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.” The Affinity has the magically elusive feel gunmakers always hope for when introducing a new shotgun. Its balance and handling are so lively that it springs to your shoulder with the speed and determination of a ruffed grouse exploding from cover.

We give credit to Franchi for chambering this gun in a 3-inch receiver (hallelujah!), bucking the pointless trend of 3 ½-inch 12-gauges, which usually feel clubby and dead in hand. The trim stock also helps in this regard, as does the quick cycling of the recoil-operated action, which is similar to the inertia-driven system employed by sister company Benelli.Even though the Affinity is slathered in camo, don’t be fooled into thinking it is fit only for the duck blind. The entire test team considered it ideal for upland hunting as well.

Test Results
Score: ? ? ? ?
Price: $949
Design: A-
Performance: A
Price/Value: A-
Gauge: 12
Trigger Pull: 5 lb. 8 oz.
Action: Semi-auto