Shooting Range Drill: Sniper’s Up and Down

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Frank Galli
Former USMC sniper, precision rifle instructor, and founder of Sniper’s Hide (
Setup: Five 1-inch, evenly spaced circles; rifle on a bipod or other rest on the ground, pointed toward the target.
Range: 100 yards.

Shoot: Begin this drill standing behind the gun. On the start command, drop prone behind the gun, locate the correct target, fire one shot, and stand. Repeat until all five targets have been engaged. The goal is to shoot the first circle within 15 seconds, the second circle in 12 seconds, the third in 10 seconds, the fourth in eight seconds, and the fifth and final circle in just six seconds. The concept is to get away from shooting groups and into the mindset of firing one shot at one target. This helps identify problems, because they are not masked in a collection of bullet holes in a group.

Skills: The goal of this drill is to improve your ability to get into position quickly. Shots often need to be taken fast, and many shooters take too much time getting ready. This drill trains the shooter to get set, get on the target, and break the shot while maintaining precision. The decreasing par time with each shot adds stress and will help reveal flaws in technique as you rush to make the s