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New Tactical Rifle: Montana Rifles Company MMR

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What with long range being all the rage, there is no shortage of tactical rifles, but this is one of the less weird, more versatile ones. The MMR can serve as a beanfield gun, terminate the careers of coyotes, compete in F-Class matches … or even shoot tactically.

The MMR is based on Montana’s greasy-slick, unstoppable rotary-extractor action and is equipped with a 24-inch, fluted, Montana #6 contour barrel with a removable muzzle brake. The stock is target-style and can be adjusted for comb height and length of pull. Instead of the classic Model 70 trigger, which is standard for Montana, they use a Timney which can be set at 2 ½ pounds. Calibers include .308, .260 Remington, 6.5/284, .300 Win Mag (if is isn’t in the lineup, whine at them and they’ll build one) and a special version in .338 Lapua. All the metal is Cerakoted in case you want to shoot in the rain, sleet, and snow. You’re welcome. Weight is 12 pounds, and mine, which has a big Nightforce scope on it, weighs 15. It’s worth noting that because of its weight and excellent ergonomics, the MMR is one of two rifles I own that I can hold absolutely dead steady.

The price is $2,295. My MMR, a 6.5/284, will put five rounds in 3 inches at 600 yards. I think that’s worth just under three grand.