Sex: A New Kind of Fish Trap

Alex Robinson Avatar

Using age-old wisdom that almost all living organisms can be stupefied by the promise of sex, scientist Peter Sorensen may have come up with a solution to the ever-growing Asian carp dilema in the Midwest.

Sorensen, of the University of Minnesota, has developed a hormonal implant that simulates the production of sex pheromones in fish. Through his research, he’s identified 260 chemical substances in the pheromones of common carp. In layman’s terms, he can make a regular old fish smell like the Cindy Crawford of fishes.

So how is this going to keep Asian carp from invading the Great Lakes? Theoretically, Asian carp could be implanted with Sorensen’s love potion and placed in a trap. With their super-sexy pheromone implant, they would lure wild carp into the trap.

A test trial is being conducted on carp in a lake in Australia and experts expect the lake to be carp free within five years.

Meanwhile, Asian carp continue to work their way up Mississippi River waterways toward the Great Lakes and five states are suing the city of Chicago in hopes of closing access to Lake Michigan.

Photo: Louisvilleusace