Hunting Gear photo

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At this very moment, hunting is more fashionable than it has been in centuries. Over the weekend Tommy Hilfiger introduced his new Fall 2012 clothing line at Fashion Week in New York City.

The theme? Hunting.

“The whole message is town and country,” Hilfiger told the AP. “There are country tweeds and a mix of suedes, leather and quilting. It sort of looks like hunting, but it’s not hunting foxes, it’s hunting for fun.”

OK, so maybe these clothes aren’t exactly designed for the field (I would add a game bag and shotgun shell loops), but they are inspired by hunting apparel styles.

And it’s not just Hilfiger. L.L. Bean’s Maine Hunting boot has become a fashion statement for hip college kids. Small up-start New York fashion designers like Alder are leading the trend with designs that were conceived by the hunting industry.

Camouflage, blaze orange, wool and leather aren’t just cool in Wisconsin and Texas anymore, now they’re cool in New York and Los Angeles. So wear that old hunting cap with pride, hit on women (or men) who are better looking than you and take advantage of your new-found trendiness, because there’s no way it’s going to last for long.