Beka Garris, Contributor at Outdoor Life

Beka Garris



  • Interests include traditional bowhunting, bowfishing, foraging, and gardening
  • Enjoys spending any free time in the woods and on the water with her daughter
  • Works to highlight traditional bowhunters and their hunts in many of her articles


Beka Garris is a freelance writer and Outdoor Life contributor who enjoys writing about all things hunting and fishing. Beka lives on a small Southern Ohio homestead with her husband and three-year-old daughter, Isabella.


Garris started writing for outdoor publications in 2013 and has since been published in various outdoor magazines and websites. She became a contributor for Outdoor Life in 2020 and was featured on the cover of the Traditions issue in August 2021. Garris enjoys sharing her own experiences in the outdoors, whether on her own or with her daughter, and she especially loves writing about traditional bowhunting techniques and stories.


Garris has an Associate’s Degree in photography, and attended the Institute of Children’s Literature in 2004.

“The outdoors has been a constant, no matter what stage of life I’m in. Treat Mother Nature with respect—treat the woods and water as sacred places—and she will never fail you.”

- Beka Garris

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